View Full Version : I think I might have ended up with two dental bunnies :(

12-08-2013, 08:54 PM
I think Ruby's teeth might be starting to cause her problems. When they had their jabs this year the vet noticed her incisors were slightly slanted, but as she couldn't see any spurs and it wasn't causing any problems we decided to just monitor it. That was a couple of months ago. Today I heard Ruby making a horrible grating sound with her teeth, and then she was very slow to eat a fenugreek crunchie (they're normally gone in seconds). Thinking back to this morning she only ate about half of her cabbage leaf which again she would normally gobble up.

I'm going to call the vets tomorrow but I'm just feeling a bit gutted. Pipkin's problems have been so stressful and now I might have two of them to sort out. I'm also worried I'm doing something wrong, but Ruby has always been a good hay eater, I never expected she would have problems. :( :(

Meanwhile Pipkin is being treated for a tooth root infection. After 6 days on one antibiotic with no improvement we've changed him to a different one today. He's had flare ups before but it's always resolved quite quickly. The vet suggested today that we could think about having some of his teeth removed but I'd be terrified to do that to him. I'm nervous enough when he goes in for a dental :(

12-08-2013, 09:04 PM
The breed of both your Bunnies means that they are going to be at higher risk of Dental problems even if given a 'good' diet

Tooth root abscesses seldom fully resolve unless the offending tooth/root is removed. As this can be a complex procedure I would only want it done be a very Rabbit savvy/experienced Vet.

Hope Ruby's appointment goes well tomorrow xx