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28-05-2013, 12:55 PM
Pumpkin's damaged eye sight makes it hard for him to form bonds where he can physically be with another bun.
Teasel was pretty close but Pumpkin thought her ear was the best end to hump. Teasel disagreed and whilst she would allow head rubs through bars and was happy to snuggle up beside him she would only do so with wire between them.

It looks like Pumpkin has finally started to form a bond; Treacle is definatly the new interest in his life and he has lost that hunched miserable look he has had since Teasels death. Treacle seems to think she has suddenly found her self dealing with the biggest and silliest kit ever.

I opted for a slower bond method as Pumpkin is a tad stupid with does partly due to his sight and partly because I do not think he is the brightest bun I have ever had. No real aggresion or nastiness just Treacle deciding form the word go she was not putting up with teenage stupidity of a mere male. Treacle has only boxed his ears once for exactly the same reasons Teasel used to and he decided the best thing to do was drop his head and look small. For once he got it right. Madam is definetly being 'mum' and is now regally sat nomming all the timothy hay whilst pumpkin has adopted the underfloor heating stance grateful for what she will let him have. Pumpkin did not argue over who had first dips in this mornings green nibbles and he is a bit of a pig who will steal food from anyone.

I am now breathing a sigh of relief as this is the first doe who accepts Pumpkins sight limitations and will let him snuggle up. Watching her she tends to stay on his worse sight side and goes on watch when he is eating.

Now all I have to solve is that poor girls utter lack of litter training as she is in my lounge. Everything is bun proof, wipe clean or machine washable -except the rug- she thinks that is the place to widdle at the moment

Piccies will have to go on FB later as this luddite has NOT worked out how to use photosites.

28-05-2013, 04:34 PM