View Full Version : I had a dream....

11-05-2013, 09:24 PM
That Lilly gave birth to 8 ginger babies :shock:

And then they grew up to be a bit bigger than Lilly (so around 3.5kgs each) and were very friendly and all would run to me when I called them and jump on me and I'd fall over under the weight of them :lol:

In the dream I was supposed to be finding them new homes because ten bunnies were too many, but I cried and couldn't give them up because I loved them all too much so was looking for a way to out a roof over the whole garden and seal it in like a big aviary :lol: then I woke up!

I want 8 ginger big bunnies now!!!!!!

I've had quite a few bunny dreams recently actually!

11-05-2013, 09:53 PM
that's a brilliant dream! i love the idea of your big ginger bunnies.

i once saw a property i really liked, a bit gothic in style. it had a big back yard. i wanted to buy it, and fill the yard with black bunnies, because they get left behind in rescues and because they would have looked brilliant with the house...:lol: bonkers. i have much more sense now.

last night i had a dream - i was calling 'bill! bill!' and thinking 'that's my grandma's brother', when a voice said clearly 'my brother is harold!' it wasn't my grandma's voice but it was right - her brother was harold (and wilfred, joe, sidney and two more that don't spring to mind -but no bill) and it was she, the baby lily, who got called bill. weird dream.