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29-04-2013, 12:30 PM
ATREIDES is a blue eyed white buck who first came to HH in October 2006 when he was just a few weeks old from a horrible situation where 64 rabbits were found crammed into 4 small hutches. He was bonded with Salvia and they were rehomed and spent many years in a good home before returning to HH in September 2011 when their owners emigrated.

When Salvia passed away in early 2013 he was quickly bonded with Maisie as losing Salvia affected him quite badly. He is a lively happy rabbit and loves to show off binkying around hes quite a joy to watch.

Atreides is sponsored by his previous owners

http://i1310.photobucket.com/albums/s650/hopperdonna/004%20ATREIDES/923108_612342178793791_384431035_n_zps43de8d1e.jpg (http://s1310.photobucket.com/user/hopperdonna/media/004%20ATREIDES/923108_612342178793791_384431035_n_zps43de8d1e.jpg .html)

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He is gorgeous :love:

Is he a permanent resident?

All the bunnies are permanent, HH no longer rehome they are a sanctuary now.

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:oops: Next time I need to engage brain before commenting :lol:

He is still gorgeous :D

Not at all, HH used to rehome but i think it just got to be too much work for them and now they just take the buns who would usually end up pts because they are poorly or disabled.

There are plenty more gorgeous buns to come meet RU too over the next few weeks :wave: