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28-04-2013, 12:50 PM
i am going to have to rehome my trio afterall as my heallth has declined somewhat over the past few weeks and its all getting too much. i just about haave enough energy to feed them and thats it. they love human attention - when i sit with them they climb all over me looking for food lol but by the time i sort out honey and charlie and anything i need doing in the house im too ill. im in so much pain! its no longer fair o them at all. also i think they need bigger housing than what they have but because im unable to even attempt to look for work money is proving a challenge. especially since its been cut. i really want them to be happy but its becoming increasingly difficalt to fulfil thier needs. they are all spayed and due vaccinations in may which im getting done. im going to talk to the rabbit crossings Helen for advice but is their any advice people can give me in the mean time so i dont start panicking?

I hope no one thinks badly of me for this :(

i have things that they could go with-a few toys etc.... do you think new owners would mind giving me a yearly update or something? or should i just cut off? i just want to make sure they will be ok.

Last night i went to a party round a friends- ihavent been to a social thing in weeks- i sat down the whole time chatting but i kept slurring and getting muddled due to my illness. that has never happened before and i wasnt drrinkning alcohol either.:(

thoughts please...

28-04-2013, 12:57 PM
Could no one on here you could rehome them to

You could have many updates on them aswell

28-04-2013, 01:08 PM
Gosh, how heartbreaking for you :( But it sounds as if it might be for the best, although I'm sure it's not been an easy decision at all. I don't see how anyone would think badly of you for putting the welfare of your beloved furries first.

Are any of the trio from rescue/rescues? As you probably know, many rescues require that animals are returned to them if they can't be kept, in which case I'd talk to them first before you decide anything. If bonded bunnies are from more than one rescue, I guess they would agree between themselves who will take responsibility for all of them.

Whether a new owner would mind giving you an occasional update I think would very much depend on who rehomes them and whether that was via a rescue. It would be lovely of course if you could get an occasional update but potentially it could get incredibly burdensome to a rescue if everyone who gave up bunnies wanted to keep in touch with their new owners - and if I had adopted a rescue bun, personally I would be reluctant to be put in direct contact with a former owner unless it was a rehome via somewhere like RU where it would be obvious.

Big hugs to you, it's a horrid decision to have to make xx

28-04-2013, 02:07 PM
i got them at 10 weeks of age and they are sisters. they weren't from a rescue. its definately not an easy decision to make! i was thinking about it all week really- playing out all the options inmy mind.

28-04-2013, 03:23 PM
Where abouts are you? There may be someone on here willing to take them and then you'll be able to get updates :wave:

29-04-2013, 10:16 AM
thanks everyone- i really wish i didnt have to rehome them but i have to put my health first- i really appreciate everybodys comments!