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13-04-2013, 03:05 PM

Referring to this thread. ^

I thought people might like to know about Fiver's progress in case it's useful.

So I took up all my foam mats in the bedroom; they didn't seem to be helping Fiver's hocks at all. The bunnies seem to much prefer being on the thick rug with towels and vet beds spread about. Fiver has been on 0.5mls of loxicom twice a day and he has really improved. He has started laying down and stopped hunching, grinding his teeth and flexing his back. :thumb:
I noticed him becoming more and more active as the weather has got better so I've knocked his loxicom dose down to 0.3mls twice a day. He has been out in the garden a few times and has been very, very mischievous and much more like his old self. :love: This warmer weather is definitely doing him the world of good.
His hocks are still quite sore, but I have been applying the manuka honey once a day and they seem to be slowly getting better. :) Venturing out onto the soft grass will be helping too.

Thank you to everybody who has given me advice. You have really helped me to help Fiver. :love: I do hope he continues to improve, and I can't wait for the Summer! (Providing it will be warm and dry!).

Here a few picks of my little man enjoying his free range time in the garden. :love:

http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a313/blackraven051/_MG_2823_zpsb643c8e3.jpg (http://s14.photobucket.com/user/blackraven051/media/_MG_2823_zpsb643c8e3.jpg.html)

http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a313/blackraven051/_MG_2824_zps5ed57e9b.jpg (http://s14.photobucket.com/user/blackraven051/media/_MG_2824_zps5ed57e9b.jpg.html)

Arthritis? I think not!! :lol:

http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a313/blackraven051/_MG_3313_zps54ea411f.jpg (http://s14.photobucket.com/user/blackraven051/media/_MG_3313_zps54ea411f.jpg.html)

13-04-2013, 09:05 PM
Oh wow, what lovely photos!! :love::love: You go, Fiver!! :love:

So good to hear he is doing better. I think you are right, Muesli always seems better in the warmer weather too and we can usually lower his dose in the summer too.