View Full Version : The rabbits and piggies are staying!!!!!

02-03-2013, 04:33 PM
The thought of letting them go tomorrow was killing me. After speaking to my parents my dad has agreed to take ownership of the piggies and buy them the bedding, hay, food etc which will free up some money for me.

That then leaves me with just the rabbits to look after which in all honesty isn't that hard of a task as they aren't as messy as the stinky piggie wigs.

After being out with them today Archie really needs a lady friend. I hate seeing him on his owney. So when I've got my finances a bit more sorted we will be looking for a girlfriend for him.

I can't stop smiling that they're staying :love::love::love:

02-03-2013, 04:39 PM
Aww that's fab news so chuffed for ya :love:

Mrs. Bunnykins
02-03-2013, 04:40 PM
Excellent news.:thumb: I bet you are one very happy bunny.:thumb::D

02-03-2013, 05:17 PM
Awww so pleased for you! xx

02-03-2013, 05:45 PM
Thankyou everyone! X

02-03-2013, 05:49 PM
Yay that is such brilliant news :love:

02-03-2013, 06:05 PM
I'm so pleased for you!

I was in a similiar position - finances are bad at the moment, I talked to my husband who agreed that rehoming my buns might be a good idea (they are mine. He has no responsibility for them) ad I contacted rescues and listed on Rabbit Rehome. I got an enquiry about Misty a couple of weeks later and started crying because I didn't want her to go. I decided that as long as they were vaccinated and had food/water/hay and run access than I could hang on until things got better and spay/neuter and bond then.