View Full Version : Could possibly have kits coming in the middle of cold snap -in need of serious advice

12-01-2013, 01:57 PM
28 days ago we took in 2 dwarf lops, from a friend I have known my whole life, They were a gift for his mum who has several health problems, and doesnt get out the house often and has a major love of pets,

Unfortunatley her MS deteriorated and she was unable to care for them anymore, her son works 8 - 6 and he didnt think it was fair on them so asked us to take them,

Despite numerous chats and advise and offers to take to vets, he didnt get the male neutered and they were in together, they were 7 months when they came to us, 'hes never tried anything' I was told, He is a male rabbit, with his bits, within minutes of them arriving he was trying it with her, so we obviously split them instantly and he is going for neuter on 16th,

Molly, has slowly begun getting grumpier, and have seen clear movement in her, (not just digestive movement) she has been stretching out a lot, she stopped going to the toilet in her bed area (I joked with mum a while back, we only need to worry if she stops using her bed area to go to the toilet) her appetite has grown and shes drinking more, and today she has begun nesting, she hasnt pulled any fur, so I am hoping for a phantom, I messaged the person we got them from, and explained how bone idle he was, keeping them in together, even with the offer to take them to the vet and get them neutered when we went, I even offered to pay, and he pay me back (I know how ill his mum was, so wanted to do everything to help her) but he just see's it as a big joke,

SO not only could she be having babies, they are brother and sister buns also,

Now Im at a loss with what to do if she does indeed kindle soon, I dont want to bring rabbits in to the world that are going to have endless problems, I wouldnt be able to rehome them, with the knowledge that they could end up hopping vet bills for the new potential owners, but then, We have a lot of buns, but funds are not sky high, Ive read that inbred buns can have dental problems, which are obviously ongoing, as well as other problems that may be as a result.

Please can someone come along with a bit of advice?

I have considered taken them to vets to pts, (if she does have any) but read they inject direct to the heart because their veins are so tiny and its a very painful death.

Argh, why do stupid people get me in situations like this?

12-01-2013, 02:16 PM
I would give these little ones a chance.

I had an accidental litter from brother and sister buns many years ago, and I kept the 2 youngsters. They didn't have a lot of troubles, although they both died fairly young (oldest was 4).

12-01-2013, 02:21 PM
Have considered all options, if she does, and they do survive this cold snap and she cares for them, that we cant possibly rehome them, unless the people are happy to take on 'what could be'

Im just so stuck, doesnt help that this weeks been horrible lost 2 kits that we were hand feeding as mum wasnt (a 3 week rescue had babies) 1 died suddenly, 3 still alive, another 4 from another doe that are now 2 weeks old, and losing my lovely Harold (Albino Pleco) thanks to me moving their tank,

I cant go through anymore loses at the moment, my heads all over the place at the moment, and these are not helping, every loss no matter what age, or how long its been here, really hits me, maybe my hormones are still up in the air from having baby, or im just turning into a sop lol

12-01-2013, 05:00 PM
So sorry to hear your predicament... And after all your lovely support to get them neutered... Must be maddening that he see's it all as a joke :( wish I could help... But space is an issue here and you are so far from me. Maybe you can offer them for adoption through RU with the details of them being from a brother/sister pairing? There may be someone who could provide the right home financially if it was required due to health problems.

You are in such a hard position but I totally respect your honesty and the fact you are trying to be responsible when others have not been. It's probably just my nature but I think I would agree with weedug and give the little ones a chance. Although there is a risk for these buns, they may indeed be healthy... Don't be hard on yourself though, it sounds like you have had a really rough time of it. xx ((hugs))

12-01-2013, 06:41 PM
It must be so hard coping with all the losses :cry:.

I still think these little ones should be rehomed if they make it. Anyone taking on a bun takes a chance that the bun might get ill/need a dental/die young. That's a risk we take.

I'd just ask myself if mum and dad are healthy. Are their teeth ok? Youngsters might be a bit "weaker", but some buns are anyway.

Might just be me, but I wouldn't have any problem taking on a bun from a brother/sister mating, if I was looking for a new bun. I think, if they make it, they deserve the same as any bun would.

I know this is one stress that you could do without just now, especially just before a cold spell. I hope it all goes well.

12-01-2013, 06:44 PM
I took on Lucky bun who was the offspring of a brother/sister pairing. She has had trouble with her teeth but with some patience and vets help she is now doing quite well. She has her teeth checked every 8 weeks but apart from that *touching wood* she has been fine.xxx I would give them a chance and i will keep my fingers crossed for healthy happy babies.xxxx

13-01-2013, 04:38 PM
I do know both parents, and they are healthy buns, its was an accidental litter (another thought they would be ok together for a bit, they are not related and both are now neutered) Both these buns are also very healthy, Thomas had a chipped tooth when he came, but it seems to have practically grown out now,

I am feeling more open about it all now, I felt in such a predicament when I posted, I didnt know who else to turn to, other than trusty RU,
And you are all right, there is a chance they will be happy and healthy buns,
Im sure we probably have buns here who could be of a result of bro/sis dad/daug mum/son matings, you never really know,

We will wait to see if she does have any, if they do survive and then we will probably wait past the usual rehoming age to see how they are doing before considering rehoming,
As my brother is going to be building into our shed to fit more in there, and building more outside, we shall have some more space,

I now think it was very selfish of me to think about ending their lifes before they were even given a chance, since, that is why we do what we do, to give every rabbit a chance,

Time will tell what will happen, and I will keep you all updated,

Thanks again for the advice, and total honesty, was exactly what I needed

Alvins mummy
13-01-2013, 04:55 PM
I hope everything goes well.