View Full Version : Reuben to the rescue??? might sound crazy!lol

04-01-2013, 08:19 PM
anyway this morning I was using the hand held hoover and in his shed he has an oilfilled heater, its guarded with c and c made guard. As I moved the heater out a couple of pieces of the c&c fell hitting me, I put the hand held hoover down on the floor and it was still switched on...anyway I think Reuben thought the hoover was attacking me!lol as he came bombing over at top speed and flung the hoover away from me...lol ...it really seemed that he though he was protecting me bless him!!! He flung it right to the back of the shed!! Wat do you think? is it possible?


04-01-2013, 08:22 PM
Awww maybe he did think it was attacking you bless him x he's gorgeous by the way :love::love:

04-01-2013, 08:25 PM
hehe that picture was taken today whilst we were chilling together on the chairs in the garden :) he loves sitting on them :)

Joanne Jenkinson
04-01-2013, 08:31 PM
He's gorgeous and obviously devoted to you!! ! Bless him!!

04-01-2013, 08:35 PM
aww bless Reuben the bodyguard.... he is absolutely beautiful... And a very brave boy...

04-01-2013, 09:37 PM
Who needs a guard dog when u have such brave bunnies?!:lol: