View Full Version : merlin goes to see hed vet for follow up.not bad for a bun who was going to be pts!

18-12-2012, 10:24 PM
I have been so thankful to the vets for letting merlin decide whether or not he wanted to make it..and how the care and treatment they gave him turned him right around. From a bunny is serious trouble with a stomach that had stopped completely...and was on watch and expected to ring me to ask me down to have him pts or pts if i couldnt make it in time.
He has had so many close shaves and come back from the brink of death. Its all too easy to become complacent but i have to remind myself every day..its the care he got there and the twice daily meds hes got here that have kept him from falling.
His poops are now bigger than lilys! shes on twice the amount of meds that he is..and her tummy doesnt work as well. But hes the one with strangulated guts by necrotic fatty tissue and lipomas.

theyve both been ill so close together and both come through..i ask myself whens the next time..it will be the last time...why cant i just enjoy the time i have with them.

The hed vet wants to see merlin to assess the changes and decide whether like lily he will be on meds indefintely or just for a month or two.

Losing Phoebe has broken his little heart but weve let lily go visit him. merlins in a pen shes loose and they snuggle through the bars its very sweet..i think shes just trying to make him perk up a bit and it worked.

Barn Yard Bunnies
18-12-2012, 10:31 PM
Thinking of Merlin and Lily. Hope they will both be alright.

Sounds like you give them the best of care.

18-12-2012, 10:40 PM
vibes for merlin and lily.