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23-08-2012, 12:28 PM

I know a while ago there was a thread about what people were going to grow for the bunnies - I was wondering what success people have had? Here are my success stories - all grown from seed:

* Basil
* Coriander (limited, kept going seed)
* Parsley
* Carrots - parmex in pots and standard ones in the ground (they have enjoyed the thinnings too)
* Rocket (limited - again went to seed)
* Calabrese (I'm very exicited about this!)

I'm still waiting to see if the kale plugs I bought will be a success.

Please join in with what has worked well for you...

Hannah :)

23-08-2012, 02:06 PM
This is my first year gardening and most of what I planted grew.
My successes are,
I'm over the moon, I've dried quite a lot as I had so much grow!

23-08-2012, 02:20 PM
A lot of things just haven't grown this year, or grew early in the year and not later, or visa versa.

Basil, some got whipped off the side of the greenhouse and fell on the floor so I lot some seedlings. One lot has done really well and I'm trying not to cut too much off to see if I can overwinter it.

Bergamot, stop growing and went yellow but is now growing again and has flowers, measly looking plants though so haven't picked any, will try to overwinter it.

Borage, grew well but got blackfly, decided I have enough on my plot growing wild to pick.

Carrots, just haven't grown sadly. The rain has just washed the nutrients out of the compost.

Calendula, did really well. Foliage went mildewy but they've had lots of the flowers.

Chamomile, doing ok but not really enough to pick.

Coriander, tried growing it direct and nothing, got swamped by weeds. Grew ok in pots but went to seed quickly like a lot of things this year, too wet.

Dill, also keeps going to seed.

Florence fennel, still going though getting attacked by slugs.

Fenugreek, first sowing did really well, second sowing lacklustre.

Musk mallow, first sowing did grow but dad put his tomatoes in front of it and I can't get to it :roll: Second sowing doing ok.

Nasturtium, grew like mad! Picked loads before caterpillars started to eat the leaves. Next year will check for eggs, saw eggs this year but thought it was some sort of blackfly eggs.

Parsley, wash out.

Sunflowers, those that haven't been eaten by slugs are doing well and have been picking huge leaves.

Viola, ok but small, not enough to pick.

Yarrow, same as musk mallow.

Blackberry leaves, would have had loads when pruning but someone has done that for us :roll: As well as pruning nice actual blackberries. :roll:

Echinachea, growing ok, in it's first year so don't want to pick too much.

Artichokes, another that's doing well as usual, been picking the odd leaf here and there.

Lavender, both plants, the one at home and the one at the allotment have flowered nicely. Bunnies aren't massively keen on this but have eaten some.

Lemon Balm, oddly been a washout this year. Very yellow in colour. Next year I'm going to divide it and repot it.

Marjoram, doing ok despite the wet weather, bunnies had some and enjoyed.

Mints, another one that's been hit and miss. Repotted the chocolate and lavender ones, the apple mint (think it's applemint anyway) needs repotting like the lemon balm.

Oregano, have two plants, one varigated, one not. Both have done ok.

Rosemary, lost the plant at home, went very brown, allotment one is doing very well. Unfortunately only Mini will eat this!

Sage, allotment one has done very, very well as usual. The pruning I gave it last year has really lifted it and had lots of fresh, green shoots which they adore. Purple one at home is much smaller but still had some off of it.

Thyme, done well too. Repotted this at the start of the year and it's produced some nice foliage.

Phew! Things like Basil, Fenugreek, Parsley, Dill, Coriander I'm thinking of doing in small batches indoors next year. And nasturtiums do so well I'm thinking of doing them in their rooms with Tamsin's trick of growing them in pots with a hanging basket over the top so they can't eat so much they kill them off. Will see if there is enough light indoors for them.

23-08-2012, 09:33 PM
We put in strawberries, lavender, carnations, fennel and a couple of other plants that I can't remember the name of :oops: They have scoffed pretty much the lot. :lol::lol: The fennel has survived because it has grown tall quite quickly, so they can only reach the lower leaves.