View Full Version : poor poor phoebe....vet was shocked at how bad her mouth actually was

21-08-2012, 04:19 PM
Our vet rang me tomlet me know phoebe had come through the dental alright....but what she found when she was doing it shocked her.
Poor sweetheart didnt just have a tongue ulcer..no it was the. a ful tongue length deep lesion....and there was one too at the maxiliary arch..both sides and cheeks....and ulcer on other side of tongue too.
The spurs were teeny and she was stunned to see they had caused so much damage! And Phoebe had only just shown signs of dental issues in the last 48hrs!! i know they hide their pain well but ive dental buns for years..in fact i think of all our buns half or over half have been dental buns even with a good diet. so i was so heartbroken to hear how much pain the poor little girls been in. she cannot eat as her mouth is so sore...sontheyre keeping her in tonight..merlins still with her which worries me about him getting sick..
shes on injectable zantac and metacam....and anything else if they think she needs it. And our vet will be putting me up a big bottle of metacam...not just for her but all of our buns...she knows me too well...its why they sold me a big bottle of metaclopramide syrup too.....but if im unsure of a blockage...i always have them checked. But usually in stasis early signs i give them zantac,,metaclopramide and metacam.....a follow up dosing of everything but metacam a few hours later and we usually have brighter bunnys.
so i cannot understand how i missed this in her....o g i feel like ive let her down..........how could i have missed it? Vet said she could only see properly once shed started the dental on phoebe.

I have had phoebe...who was called elsee at the rescue for over a year now....no dental issues but prone to odd bout of tummy problems from stress or if shes eaten the wrong food..wrong pellets when she was on a mix and it was my fault i got the ratio a teeny bit out.

to have a bun get this bad with a dental.......:(

21-08-2012, 06:41 PM
Poor Phoebe bun.

I keep worrying about Furby's teeth - only because it has been so long since his last dental - he is showing absolutely no signs of discomfort and is still eating as normal. Having a dental bun is such a worry. With Apple I can always tell as it is her front teeth that need doing, but when it's a bun's back teeth it is so difficult to know when they need doing.

I think some members on here use one of those instruments the vet has to check their buns' teeth. Would that be an option for you, Debbie? If money wasn't so tight at the moment I would get one as I think Furby would let me use it. He was fine yesterday when I had a check of his teeth as best I could.

My beloved Bridge Bun Dribbles (who was a real character) used to let the vet put her fingers in the back of his mouth to check if he needed a dental. She nearly always got it spot on by doing it this way as she knew Dribbles' so well. I wouldn't dare try that with anybun now.

Sending loads and loads of vibes for Pheobe's speedy recovery and non stasis vibes for Merlin too.

21-08-2012, 06:53 PM
I know how you feel but sometimes they just don't let on, Scarlet doesn't, so please don't feel responsible. When we first saw FHB I am pretty certain she thought Scarlet wasn't eating very well and that I wasn't watching her eat (which we always do) as she said "maybe she doesn't eat as well as you thought" and I insisted she did. At that point she ahd a rohue tooth growing alon the inside of her gum and it was very sore and ulcerated. When we went last time she had an ulcerated cheek and again I reported she was eating well and had no weight loss but when I went to pick her up FHB said "I'm amazed she eats with a mouth like that but she does" and her attitude was completely different so I'm fairly certain she fed her after I'd gone and watched her. Scarlet will eat regardless of what is going on in her mouth, you can't tell how bad her mouth is. I dread to think how bad her mouth would have to be before she showed any obvious change in her eating.
You haven't let her down at all.
Vibes for a speedy recovery.

22-08-2012, 06:05 PM
Thank you. wow scarletts one difficult bun to diagnose teeth probs with! phoebe was the same eating etc.
well impicked her up this afternnon with merlin and youd not know she had anything wrong....she lay with her front paws out in front of her and back feet behind her....with her ears and tail saying...what?
the nurse to.d me itbwas unbelievable but she was eating pellets fine not hay too much....her mouth was a mess...is a mess and shes on metacam 5kg dose twice a day firvat least seven days...poor girlie.