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14-08-2012, 04:10 PM
My female who was discovered to in fact be a HE last night is booked in to be neutered next wednesday. I have never had a bun neutered before so wondered if you could answer a few questions?

The vets have said to bring him in at 9am with some food.

The reading i have done says to plan to keep him indoors for the night following the op because he'll struggle to maintain body temp. He is an outdoor bun. Should I keep him in or will this stress him too much? The alternative is to have him in the bunny shed in a dog crate so he'll have the company of the girls but be seperated from them.

What would be the best bedding for post op? I was thinking either fleece or vet bed?

I'm guessing he'll be quiet following the op, but other than getting him eating and monitoring 'output' what else do i need to watch out for?

Finally, how long will he need to remain seperated from the girls? Obviously, until last night he was with another female ( who hopefully isn't pregnant:oops:) so has never been on his own before...... Is the best option to keep him in large dog crate in bunny shed at night with daily access to a temporary run?

Sorry for so many questions.

14-08-2012, 04:25 PM
my boys were done a couple of weeks ago.
the vet said to me to have them indoors but when I chatted to her and said how they were outdoor rabbits not accustomed to indoors she said they would be better off in their own familiar hutch as the weather is not cool at the moment- but would need frequent monitering to make sure eating/drinking well and not getting bothered by flies.
mine are normally on shavings and hay. i was told to put them on newspaper so any discharges would be easy to see - and moniter. in the litter area they had newspaper over shavings so gave them nice soft place to sit and they still had hay. I was wary of vet bed as my lads chew everything and I didn't fancy emergency surgery to remove obstruction of lumps of vet bed lol

regarding fertility post castration my vet has told me they have heard in rare instances of males still being fertile 6 weeks after so they now recommend 8 weeks to be sure of not getting females pregnant.
hope that helps.