View Full Version : Morris is turning into a Houdini :)

23-06-2012, 10:48 AM
Morris has now been here a week and every day he has got more confident :D He's been in the bedroom and we've set up a little run for him using some c&c grids. Every evening I've been lifting him out of the cage for him to have a sniff around but it wasn't until last night that he came out by himself for a hop around :D he even did a little binky :D

I locked him away overnight but at about 6am he was dashing about in the cage, i opened the door so he could jump out and I got back into bed. I didn't mean to fall back asleep :oops: woke up about 40 mins later and I felt a little bump on the matress from underneath!! Went straight to the end of the bed and Morris wasn't in the cage or the run :shock: jumped out of bed in a panic and found him sat quite happily on the spare matress under the bed!!

Luckily he's ok with me picking him up! Brought him into bed with us and he had a little cuddle :D

Thing is I cant figure out how he got out of the run :? There's no gaps around the edge and as they are all joined together it would be too heavy for him to lift and hes so dinky I cant see him jumping it!! When I put him back in his run he sat there with a smug look saying "no I'm not going to show you how I did it" :lol:

Bunnies :roll::lol::lol:

23-06-2012, 11:41 AM
:lol::lol: Bless him! :love:

Mrs. Bunnykins
23-06-2012, 01:54 PM
A week has flown by!!! It sounds like Morris has settled in perfectly.


07-07-2012, 06:59 PM
He sounds really happy!!

I remember one day when my rabbit went missing, we thought he must of got out of the house after we moved all the furniture IN EVERY ROOM and couldnt find him, Bo wasnt looking for him (and shes usually glued to him) we went looking the streets in the rain and knocking on doors, we came back to get the car keys.......................and guess who was sat on the rug!!!!

We couldnt figure it out until later that night when he went missing again, i went to stroke the other rabbit and a nose popped out from about the gas fire!! The little ****** had managed to climb into the chimney!!

I have now given up trying to figure out how they do things and Mo's nickname is now 'Houdini' too!!