View Full Version : can you give your bunny a wooden spoon to play with

23-05-2012, 03:36 AM
you know the cheap ones in asda for 23p or whatever......i just thought baxter might like it....but dont know how it would go if he chewed it...but then my furniture has been chewed over years inc pine unit!! no splinters just wobbly legs on it now!:oops:

each edible toy ive given him he plops in the water bowl and sits and stares at how manky ihes terrts made his water...he also loves to expand the hay cookies in his dog bowl of water so it fits to size!

ive decided against a jungle ball...hed sleep on it face first like he does everything! but asda order due in morning...ive bought him his own set of plastic measuring spoons...all the buns play with them at some point...lily and hunnybunny are too busy teasing each other or destroying something of mine next to their stack of toys..bites and tunnels etc!!:oops:

ive also treated him to a set of plasticmeasuring cups.....much noisier and he can fill it with water from his bowl:lol:

would a wooden spoon be ok if he eats it? stupid question..they eat worse things!!
bet he learns to run it up and down crate bars at night!! give him a metal cup too:lol:

i have confined him to crate for 24hrs after the jab to monitor him and bluebell as shes loose. he wasnt fussed staying in..the heat may have tired him out too. so he comes out if all is ok tomorrow all day....madam has peed on nikkis bedsettee again..twice today when nikkis had stuff on there....i keep finding bluebell asleep on the settee!!

baxter has had one or two pees on it but shes a holy terror miss territorial knickers!

i think big buns would love maracas...tambourines..all the little kiddy ones that is.....but not sure my neighbours would appreciate it at dawn!!

when he comes out he uses her trays eats hay food drinks water...washes...bunny flops..then zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz so much for exercise baxter!!:shock::lol: :lol: :lol: gotta love a frenchie buck!

23-05-2012, 07:33 AM
Never thought of toys like that you have me thinking now

23-05-2012, 08:34 AM
Think jacks-jane gave some of her bunnies wooden spoons i'm sure she posted a pic of a bunny with 1

23-05-2012, 10:04 AM
If I gave Storm a wooden spoon he's probably bash him self on the head with it :lol::lol: He did like playing with some of my son's toys, especailly noisey rattles or shakers which he liked to throw against the wall :shock: ( much to Gypsy's annoyance :lol: ) He did end up breaking a maraca though, I was worried about him eating the stuff inside, so we went back to good old bunny toys.

24-05-2012, 09:10 AM
Thank you all for the replies:wave:

doh never thought to use the search! just was sure bunny parents would have thought about it and dismissed it but if someone had a tale to share...and it was ok...whoo hoo smartprice wooden spoon/spatula or even poundshops set of 3 etc.

i once made a toy for my first bun...two sturdy yoghurt pots (empty and clean first lol!) and popped in some dried pasta and taped it together with parcel tape ......she loved it...even when her teeth had been removed shed still nudge it and roll it. she loved the mini steam pudding type yoghurt pots you used to get and even with no teeth would use her lips and gums to pick it up and thunk it down on the floor or get in her cage base and do it there...more noisier than carpet. she had my kids teething ring...a softish but firm set of pastel keeys on a ring. And my old baby rattle round ball on a stick handle type...she adored it.

if anyone sees any hard pastic kiddies maracas in poundland or wilkies let us know....i think maybe we should have a sticky thread on toys buns love that are cheaper than actual bun toys. mine turn their noses up at carboard rolls with hay in....theyll chew a bit off a roll by itself but then get bored! oh and buns love cats little toys and steal them off very bemused cats..or is it just mine?:lol:

sadly baxters not tried out his toys....he was rushed to vets yesterday evening where he was diagnosed with a respiratory infection:(