View Full Version : idiot vet...shes gone in for a dental this morning..i had to fight!

05-05-2012, 12:14 PM
seriously...im so mad right now.....why didnt i stand up for myself yesterday....must be the grief an depression. Lilys not been eating hay..has been eating pellets tho...shes running at her hay..then sadly looking down. shes had beginning of stasis so much lately and ive treated her myself at home. But her symptoms screamed dental prob. she had one nearly a year ago now.
But having had actual dental buns over the years..you seem to spot it 9 times out of 10 early on.

well this wally of a vet who was the idiot who made bluebells bottom bleed trying 10 times to take her temp....saw lily. wasnt bothered...spent so long with otoscope in her mouth made her so soe and stressed. He kept saying how there was no soft tissue damage...i said there doesnt have to be....ive had this before with her and other buns. After insisting he give her a metaclopramide injection he booked her in for a dental on tuesday!! AND he said giving her fibreplex would be enough to keep her guts ok till tuesday. THEN he printed out an instruction sheet for her pre op info...on it it said i had to starve her!!! it was an accident the receptionist said...he must have done the dog one. Luckily its me...a novice owner would have seen that and prob lost their bunny!

lilys poos are little dark and hard....weird cos no hay in them...just pellets digested. ive been medicating her off and on at least since my mum died...she picked up on our grief and stress i thought. Maybe she did. But mr numptey told me she had spurs that hadnt done any soft tissue damage so they werent the problem! how politely did i say i know my bunny so well...she lives in my bedroom comes into my bed etc etc. THEN he said she needed to get better to have a dental!! omg i said...ive caught this early...she will only get worse!

i came away not with it and feeling angry..its not an emergency so she can wait till tuesday...on fibreplex.....he said. mm how much stasis does she have to go into before you merit her ill enough? how bad does the flesh ripping have to be ...and the fact you cant see all buns teeth till theyre under a GA anyway...but spurs ae spurs if its affecting a bunnys eating...and behaviour...shes been hiding under the bed not wanting to move..

shes such a lively spritely old lady normally...loopy lily! so of course somethings wrong..it obviously has been for a while! no its the weekend then bank holiday...shell be ok till then....wot!! idiot!!

this morning i called vet hospital only for a nurse to tell me just to syringe feed her until tuesday!!!! so only bring her in before then if she gets a lot worse..um by then her survival chances are more than halved....aaarghhhhh

she then said well weve had a couple of emergencies come in..now if youd bothered yesterday to make an appoinment.........by this time i was grinding my teeth!!!

i argued until she had a word with a vet who said hed do lilys dental today..if i got her there by 10am...um it was 9.50am!! i live in clanfield and have to use a taxi....oh ok then...by 10.30am......and when i got there the looks i got....not the usual receptionists.

i told her down the phone .id lost bertie bunny then my mum..one more death id be pushed over edge. Also told her id lost three buns before linked with early slow down like lilys and all 3 died....one died at home..two others pts.

thats when she agreed to ask vet!!!

nurse i knew was nice and understood how a bunny mild dental untreated and pain etc in the bunny can lead to full stasis even torsion or bloat. They go from being minor to emergency very quickly.

so im back home..sitting by phone......to go collect her and bring her home. If ive done the wrong thing and she dies i will never forgive myself...but she needed help. the excuse of its a weekend then a bank holiday shouldnt come into it if you know it will progress to a serious problem.

i am right arent i? i know no vet would dental a bun for mild symptoms...but when youve seen this before and the treatment needed and has seen it work...you should tell the vet so...i think so...but it fell on deaf ears...he never seems to listen or is zoned out more than me...not just exhaustion...very odd fella!!

will ensure if its only him available...ill go ssee a different vet each time its him on!!

05-05-2012, 12:45 PM
I'm sorry you had such trouble getting her help :( I'd see a different vet as well. Sounds like maybe he's not very bunny savvy :? I agree with what you said, a bun that needs a dental is likely to get worse, not better, by waiting.

05-05-2012, 12:49 PM
I'd just change vets anyway TBH they don't sound particularly good in general. I use more than one vet depending on the problem but they know I'm knowledgeable about rabbits and pretty much will take my word for it when I say something isn't right. I have one vet refuse me pain killers for one of my little girly foster buns two years ago- I just told them I would never use them again and I haven't.

05-05-2012, 01:09 PM
Sending vibes to your bun that she recovers well. I hope the vet knows what he is doing with her dental! I can't believe they gave you so much trouble, sounded like the vet couldn't be arsed to do a dental today no matter how urgent. My bridge bun was so sensitive with her teeth, even the tiniest of spurs made her uncomfortable and she would stop eating her hay. Damage to their mouth shouldn't happen if the bun is being checked regularly, a dental should be done BEFORE the damage in the mouth occurs.

05-05-2012, 01:19 PM
Sending loads a vibes for your bunny :love: I would try find another good vet in your area they or he sounds like a proper :censored: hole :cry:

05-05-2012, 04:23 PM
vegan bunny my bridge girlie bif was the same....as is our little lionhead cross fella...merlin.

no theres a real good snr vet whos great with buns.....specially when bertie got so ill toward the end. hes great with cats too and dogs...a real all rounder vet and good at it. theres two lady s who are very bun savvy and the other two are e good too. but this particular vet id only come across recently..once with bluebell as an emergency and poor lily. no the dental is being done by the fella vet who thinks hr crazy running is adorable...and not head tilt related.. crazy lily related:oops:

i had a phone call just before 2 maybe bit earlier cos i went for a shower after. Oh mrs barwis...you WERE right...she had big spurs right at the back under her tongue and theyd lacerated her tongue.

yes thank you...now bow down before me and say sorry!!:lol:

will make sure if that vets ever on as an emergency..an no other vet is there....im going somewhere else!! think they might realise that after today!! shes not eating so do i mind if they board her overnight? well ok but her mouth is sore not just from the detnal but the shoving around of the otoscope yesterday for a tongue already lacerated....nurse: um yes i suppose so.

hope he gets good telling off the twerp!

theres the youngest vet there latest to qualify and shes brill with buns ..in fat bluebell only likes and trusts her and the lady vet who removed her lump on her shoulder/neck. she never goes for them....sits still for them and lets the youngest one carry her around to kennels without a carrier!!

the worrying thing is this vet tried to speak the speak..if i hadnt had the dental bun experience ive now had in 12yrs of different buns...id have taken him at his word!! hes definately not rabbit savvyy!!

poor little lily....she must have had them ages to do so much damage....all those bouts of stasis beginning.....vets shaking their heads saying they dont know why..me then treating her myself each time....poor girlie. how did she eat hay for so long and pellets up until this morning!
Seeing the whole dental picture is near on impossible in some buns/most buns but he saw those spurs and said they were fairly flush to the gum the spurs....and no soft tissue damage. sometimes it can only be seen when the bunny is under GA. But for him to say fibreplex till tuesday shell be fine and for nurse to say critical care would keep her going with metacam till tuesday!!

shes being given some antbx so guess the lacerations are bad. vibes please for my grand old lady we thought is 5 and a half but vet the rescue used said no she was 5 and a half not 4 and a half years old last year! makes her 6 and a half.....pensioner bunny?:lol:

please lets have lily nomming vibes .....then she can come home and not endure syringe feeds being forced into her:thumb:

05-05-2012, 04:27 PM
Sending loads a vibes for Lily get well little girl :love:

And these are for you mummy


05-05-2012, 04:49 PM
aww thats so sweet...thank you:love:

Captain Helen
05-05-2012, 05:13 PM
Sorry you've had such a difficult day :( Glad the dental went well. Hope she starts nomming soon. Sending lots of vibes xx

05-05-2012, 05:31 PM
Glad she's finally got them sorted! Poor Lily. I'm sending her lots of nomming vibes! Must feel so much better not having those awful spurs on her teeth anymore.
You did the right thing pushing for the dental today. :thumb:

05-05-2012, 05:37 PM
please lets have lily nomming vibes .....then she can come home and not endure syringe feeds being forced into her:thumb:
Vibes from me too... but also a suggestion that maybe it would be a good idea to put down in writing all the things that concerned you about Lily's treatment (including the pre-dog op instructions :roll:) and send it to the senior partner of the practice.

You could finish by saying that if you had followed their advice, you would likely have killed your bun and that you hope that these details will be passed around in order to prevent anyone else being given similar and wrong advice.

05-05-2012, 05:38 PM
Sending lots of nomming vibes and then hopefully you can have her back tomorrow and I will be able to take you to pick her up.

05-05-2012, 05:57 PM
Well done sticking to your guns and making them listen. Thank heavens you did as it sounded sore. Def would avoid using him again. Sorry you had such a stressful day. Hope the rest of your weekend is better. Sending tonnes of nomming vibes xxxxx

05-05-2012, 06:12 PM
I lost Bicci last year then Tommy her partner started with runny nose, my normal vet was great but he didnt improve. i took him to the emergency vet at their main practice who picked him up so badly (he was nearly 5k) that he flipped over in her arms and nearly broke his back. She didnt listen when i said syringing him was neig on impossible and proceded to show me the mere pet owner how to do it so he nearly fell of the table. they put him in the oxygen tank and told me to go home, later they rang and suggested we let him go. I felt terrible 2 bunnies in 4 weeks and i felt they had let tommy down badly, but i now think the vet was incompitant.

My new buns and all my other pets have now moved to a new practice where i know they have a rabbit savvy vet, shes amazing and the vets listen to the owner cos they understand the owner know the pet!

I would if i was you definatley move practice and if the old practice asks why then tell them why.

good luck with everything

06-05-2012, 11:51 PM
madcatwoman..oh how awful:cry::cry:

thank you for nomming vibes...and thank you karen for taking me to collect her and coming home..and putting up with a weird lunch rofl.

tatihou.....i never even thought about that!! yes i will indeed....they could get nasty with me...but hey...

trouble is with EVERY veterinary practice..there are more un bunnysavvy vets than bun savvy vets.......you just hope you get a good bunsavvy vet. I will indeed write the letter..it may well save another bunny distress and pain...even its life!

there are bunnysavvy vets there...just not him!!

07-05-2012, 12:40 AM
Eugh vets can be so annoying, I think they see so many clueless owners that they just adopt the stance of ignoring all owners!

I have also had a vet try to send us home because the symptoms (also early gut stasis) were very mild. So we asked if the bun could get better on his ownand he said no! So then we pointed out that as we lived about 30 mins away from the vet leaving him to get sicker for a few days and then subjecting him to another car journey was not only pointless, cruel but a waste of time and money. He admitted the bun straight away... you don't mess with my mum!

So good for you for fighting, you live with that rabbit, you have seen this before, waiting would not have been the right thing!

07-05-2012, 01:08 AM
I agree with Hele, a vet may know more about medical illnesses but you know that individual bunny more than anyone and a good vet listens to the owner more than the symptoms present at that time.