View Full Version : I cudent thtop thobbing, i hath had my toofth out :(

19-04-2012, 06:52 AM
Look :( My ickle noney ith thwolled up and I hath gotted thum blood on it :cry:

http://img827.imageshack.us/img827/773/poortoofs001.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/827/poortoofs001.jpg/)

I woth tho upthet and it woth hurting me becoth i didth have to hav allth my fwont toofth out. Then mummeh gived me thum medithine to thtop the hurty and then thee thoaked a cawwot tweat in thum water till it wented thoft and I enjoyed that. I did felt a wittle bit better then and I jutht that in my nurthing hutch and mummeh let me watch thum televithon.
Can you theee my thore mouwf and my thore noney? I ith twying to be a bwave little gurl but i duth need thum futh and thympathy i fink...
http://img17.imageshack.us/img17/418/poortoofs002.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/17/poortoofs002.jpg/)

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Ith not fair! Benjamin jutht thed dat I hath got a lithp now that I havent got any toofth, and I havent, I havent gotted a lithp have I :shock::(:cry:

Im not playing ever again :( I ith going to thit fathing the corner and thulk.
I fink I needth my mummeh to thoak annuva cawwot tweat for me :( I hath not enjoyed haffing my toofth out, ith not fair :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

http://img171.imageshack.us/img171/313/poortoofs003.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/171/poortoofs003.jpg/)

*sob* I ith tho upthet *sob*

19-04-2012, 08:35 AM
Aww, you are gorgeous and I hope your mouth is feeling better today.:love::love::love:

bunny babe
19-04-2012, 08:54 AM
:love: Aw, such a brave bunny, take your meds so your mouf does not hurt.

19-04-2012, 10:17 AM
Oh you poor, wee mite! ((((((((((((((((Snuggles))))))))))))))))
Sympathy and healing vibes coming your way, sweetie! xx :love:

sidney &lola
19-04-2012, 10:20 AM
Get well soon Marge xx

19-04-2012, 11:23 AM
No,no lisp.
You sound fine.
Now take some pain mediicine, and have a carrot treat thats all thoft i mean soft and have a short nap.
Youll feel better soon, I promise.xxxxxx

Angie B
19-04-2012, 11:33 AM
oh bleth your ickle cotton thockth. No lithp, honetht :D

Brave bunny!

I have to say, I giggled all the way through the writing above - it took thum, sorry some, working out; I had to say it out loud so it's a good job I'm here on my own :roll: :lol: :lol:

Get well thoon! :love:

19-04-2012, 12:52 PM
Aww poor little Marge!! :( (sorry I giggled a lot too! :lol:) ) I think you definitely need more carroty treats! Make mummy give you some! I hope you feel better soon! Xxx

19-04-2012, 01:27 PM
I can't bear it!! :( Poor Marge, glad she got rid of the hurty toofth though! :love:

19-04-2012, 01:31 PM
Herbie: Don't cry Marge, you will feel better soon, I have had my teefsies out......TWICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Welcome to the gummy bunny gang :)


19-04-2012, 01:36 PM
Oh my :love::love:

Hope you feel better soon beautiful xx :love:

19-04-2012, 01:47 PM
Awww bless her :love::love::love: I hope your mouth feels better soon! Make sure mummy gives you lots of soft soft soft carrot treats <3

19-04-2012, 05:32 PM
awwww, it will be all better soon little one x

19-04-2012, 06:07 PM
Awwww poor little bun :love::love::love::love: I'm sure it'll feel better soon:love:

19-04-2012, 06:35 PM
Awww bless!

19-04-2012, 09:50 PM
Awww. Hope you feel better soon.