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14-03-2012, 10:10 PM
Posted on behalf of RosRWAF;

We at the RWAF are featuring rescues regularly and for March we've a few to feature. Firstly, we have a new web page that will change monthly. So please look here, and we'll remind you again when some new rescues are featured. If you can't help...perhaps you'd share the link with somebody who can? http://www.rwaf.org.uk/rescues

(To save time with postings to various sites, the photos are uploaded here starting with Domino and Blossom at Peskys and going on (if you scroll right) to the poor bun from Fife Rabbit Rescue who was taken in with a serious earmites infestation, and her road to recovery and eventual bonding.
http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fb...type=3&theater )

These are today's rescues that need support

Peskys Rabbit Rescue is a small rescue centre run from my own home here in Dorset. Our space is limited and at present we are experiencing high levels of requests to take in unwanted rabbits. We try our best to vaccinate, neuter and pair up rabbits here at the rescue and do rehome single rabbits to pair up with other lonely bunnies.

These two are called Blossom and Domino. Blossom is a 3.5 year old Lionhead X (Chinchilla I think). She is an absolute sweetheart and loves to run around, she is currently an outdoor rabbit with her partner, French Lop Domino, they are both used to running around indoors too. Her favourite thing is to have her nose rubbed! Her current Husbun is 5 years old, he is quite an old man in character and dispite all my efforts to get him running about he is happy exploring his surroundings for a few minutes, and then securing the best seat for the next few hours! Unfortunately, due to the french lops shorter life span, he may not have many more years left and so Blossom will need a new friend when the time comes as she is quite young still. The pair are very much in love and need a home with an understanding and experienced owner who has a big hutch or indoor cage and run. Both are vaccinated against Myxomatosis and VHD and Domino is neutered. They are both in excellent health

All enquiries are welcome via fiona_23@hotmail.co.uk or 07914568088, www.peskys.co.uk

Fife rabbit rescue began in 2005 the rabbits are neutered and vaccinated before going to new home. I only ever re home in pairs or sometimes people come to the rescue with a single rabbit that they are looking for a partner for and I help them with the bonding. I have several large hutches in my garden and 10 large runs where the rabbits can hop, run and binky in daily.

I run the rescue myself and it is a lot of hard work. No matter the weather I attend to the rabbits needs several times a day. Spot cleaning, grooming, cuddling and checking things like teeth ears and bottoms! Often rabbits arrive in a dreadful condition and the feeling of being appalled at the owners allowing their pet get into such dreadful conditions never goes away but I am always glad that they come to me so that I can help them on the road to good health. Things like ear mites can cause such distress to a rabbit and yet it is so easily treated it is such a pleasure to see rabbits thrive after being so neglected. Some rabbits arrive pregnant or with litters. One rabbit arrived with a 4-week-old litter a new-born litter and was pregnant again! Helping these lovely creatures find the perfect home is always a pleasure.

Sadly some rabbits are in the rescue for a very long time, there was a litter of 6 born here in March 2011 the first two pairs were rehomed by August but the last pair were 10 months old before they found a new home. Calls, emails and text messages are received every day from people unable to to keep their rabbits.

We truly do appreciate any help that can be given, be it practical, financial, or best of all offering a new, loving home to these lovely rabbits who truly do deserve a second chance. Please contact me at kareen@fiferabbitrescue.co.uk if you feel you can help.

And finally, staying in Scotland, we have a message from Buddies Bunnies about an event they're holding soon

Buddies Bunny Rescue are holding a Rabbit Awareness Day at Carrington Village Hall, Nr Bonnyrigg, Midlothian on Sat 24th March from 10-4

Fun for all the family....

Lots of things going on including;

Meet the Vet

Meet the wonderbuns - Buddies Murphy & Paws Here's Award Winning Basil

Feeding demo's, free samples - advice from our Vet Nurses.

Buddies/RWA stand - meet the team and talk all things rabbity!

Craft stalls, tombolas, face painting, arts & crafts, homebaking and refreshments

Also watch Live rabbit agility with Vivienne and Rowan her Nethie!

3 entry and kids go free.

Hope to see you all there,

The Buddies Team xxxxx

17-03-2012, 12:04 AM
Finally had a chance to check all the links, looks good :thumb: