View Full Version : should i wait until monday morning?

11-02-2012, 09:33 PM
To flea treat all 3 cats and 5 bunnies? then mite treat them the next day?

found one flea..no other signs in whole house on phoebe bunny...

upstairs due a steam clean this week anyway. that deals with egg and larvae problem...always does.

but im thinking in case for some weird reason one of the furry mob has an adverse reaction to either stuff then at least vets is open etc....

i wouldnt do bertie till monday at earliest due to vet stress.

theres 2 vials of stronghold left so im oging to do zuzu and dylan kitty with that..fleas and mites tackled.

im advantgaing the buns a wickle freya kitty.....ive got xeno 450 for mites..they all need doing in case....as merlin seems to have a mild case. i know fur mites are a bunny thing but im sure they can affect cats too? best be prepared and protect them all.

its a shame stronghold (revolution in the states) isnt approved for bunsters...would save us a fortune in parasite control on bunnies and be less stressful for them...and if any have ear mites an you dont know..that ould kill them off too.

guess tho the vets prices wouldnt make as much as for two separate treatments?

no flea crazy itching apart from dylan now and then but nothing in his fur..no flea grit either.

am i wrong to put it off a day or two so if need be a vets easier to get to and the whole furry mob can be treated all in one go?

guess im lucky my cats are house cats till summer comes and theyre allowed out in garden with buns..netting helps stop kittys from leaving garden and other cats coming in..but fleas know no boundaries;)

i once petted a huge golden retirever outside a shop in waterlooville town..and as i wlaked away i felt a pin ***** on my hand..there was a hoooge red/brown dog flea having its midday meal ont he back of my hand!! its so easy to pick up a flea outside and bring it in...bertie and merlin are far too il to be vaccinated even myxi...so its a worry.

thank goodness steam cleaner heat full power can break down outer coating of flea eggs and kill larvae and fleas.....i cant use those chemicals they advise you to buy in our house!! theres a product i saw a year or so ago called skoosh..its not chemicals but a silicone coating to stopp eggs hatching and sticks fleas and larvae up so they end up dying.

11-02-2012, 10:31 PM
I think I would probably wait until Monday to be on the safe side if you're worried about reactions.

I've used the skoosh spray before - it worked a treat. :thumb:

12-02-2012, 05:28 AM
really?! good to know.

well its just im cursed with my buns! But maybe all being well...i can at least do merlin and phoebe:thumb:

12-02-2012, 05:42 AM
I didn't realize fleas spread myxi :shock: thought it was just mosquitoes. well, in that case, since your buns are too ill to be vaccinated, it probably is best to treat everyone for fleas, but normally I wouldn't if you've only found 1 flea (instead I would flea comb, vacuum, wash pet's bedding, etc) because even the "good" flea treatments like Advantage etc aren't safe.

The active ingredient in Advantage is Imidacloprid, which can cause many problems. "Imidacloprid is the first of its class of insecticides, and is relatively new on the block; it was introduced in 1994. Laboratory testing on mice, dogs, and rats, indicates that this insecticide can be neurotoxic
to laboratory animals, causing incoordination, labored breathing, thyroid lesions, reduced birth weights, and increased frequency of birth defects." It can also cause many types of organ damage.

12-02-2012, 02:52 PM
Have fun doing "Ghostbusters" with your steam cleaner and kill those fleas!! ;):lol::thumb: