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23-01-2012, 05:58 PM
I'm quite upset today as Malteser had acupuncture on Friday - it has set his balance off. I was warned it can have a negative effect and that could be a good thing as buns who get a bit worse can be the ones to gain the most from the acupuncture, so I wasn't worried. I called my vet to update her and she said he may not benefit as it has taken him a while to recover - so now I'm trusting my gut. He isn't going to get much better, he is great don't get me wrong but I fear there really is permanent damage. I blame myself entirely. Even though there is no way to ever know if he would have been like this even if the first vet had been clued up and given us the anti-inflammatories (he didn't get them for 2 weeks and that's not good for a swollen brain - he only got them 2 weeks in) it was me who chose the vet and me who stayed there and kept going back. He relied on me to take him to someone who could sort us out and I chose wrongly

I know we are 26 days into treatment but his progress has lost momentum compared to before. I am thankful: he can eat, drink, poop, pee, sort out his own cecotropes without getting in much of a mess, he can get from A to B even. He is just weak/off balance so he can't clean himself or get around all that much. I don't know what to do about our bunny situation. His friend is a playful 6 month old, very boisterous and full of energy - Malteser couldn't cope with this! Mr Snowdrop is missing Malteser, he can enjoy himself but he needs someone to play with, he deffo needs a friend. Then what about Malteser? Should we get him a friend? He has been a lone bun for most of his life whilst my friend had him and I do think he prefers people to buns but would he be lonely when we are out at uni/work? I'm not sure we could cope with 4 buns esp as a bun for Malteser would need to be calm/semi-able too... I can cope with 4 healthy buns but in the knowledge of vaccines and other vet bills 2 really was the sensible number. 3 might be ok but I'm not sure of housing Malteser and giving him enough space to excersice.. Do we bunny proof downstairs (he can't get upstairs due to mobility)... I'm just so unsure on the best for both of them.
Malteser has a guinea-pig hutch at the mo, for a healthy bun its small but I think about right for him and he is only in there 11pm-9am then he is in a little run set up - but he tends to sit/loaf and only moves to pee/eat/drink

23-01-2012, 06:23 PM
I haven't followed Malteser's story other than I remember reading when you arrived. What I can tell you is not to beat yourself up too much. My bunny didn't get the right treatment for probably about 3 months plus before she came to me and got on the right treatment and lost the majority headtilt (she went from a 3-4 o'clock tilt to a midday to 1 o'clock tilt depending on circumstances). That two weeks may have made no difference at all, so try not to worry.

I'm sorry the acupuncture didn't help as you would have hoped.

What happened when your pair were together and Malteser had head tilt? Have you tried them together since Malteser tilted?

23-01-2012, 08:58 PM
They have been separated the whole time but with visits.
Before the illness Mr Snowdrop had just got his plums and with the hormones and growth spurt there was a little tension, Malteser was holding his ground as top bun. There were no major fights but a little sulking on Snowdrops side and just warning nips from Malteser. However, Malteser has two bites - one quite bad one on his hind leg and one not so bad on his side so I'm not sure what to think. We separated them as the first vet said Malteser also had a bite on his penis - turned out it was a blocked scent gland and the blue tinge was nothing more than veins not bruising as we got told :?
Also, Malteser was so ill he had to come into the house and we had to syringe feed him every 2 hours. He couldn't walk/sit so needed lots of human attention. We have let them visit, Snowdrop always gets excited (even mounting :oops:) but Malteser isn't impressed and has nipped a few times :(. Snowdrop is probably twice the size, at least by weight, and I'm not sure if he will still try to hump Malteser (been neutered 2 weeks). I don't think Malteser could manage the 2 floor house we have for them either. I guess an option could be that they play together but live apart??? We will have to rebond them, new vet said it would need to be slowly due to the bites but the thing is we've never seen Snowdrop be mean to Malteser so I've thought the bites are most likely to be from him mounting Malteser and biting for grip (he isn't fussy on the end he mounts). We've seen Malteser nip and occasionally lunge/pounce if Snowdrop gets close. Like I said there have been no major fights, never found clumps of fur and once the tiff is over they snuggle up etc so I've never worried about them being together before.