View Full Version : Archie has got the hump with me :L

25-11-2011, 03:12 PM
Cos i told him off earlier...

He comes out for play time whilst i clean his cage and he knows he is not to go under the hutch as its filthy under there, but today he seems to have the devil in him and he ran through my legs,and legged it right to the back of the hutch before i could react he was having a great time under there whilst i tried to get him back, he nearly got stuck but then he happily the front scratched all down my arm and hand cos i picked him up and then got the mardies ever since i stuck him in his carrier whilst i finished the job, if it was clean and dry and whatever else under there i would let him go under but i know its not, and my he has got the **** he's been sulking in his cage ever since bless him,, think i should go give him a fenugreek crunchie or two to make it up to him later haha, im sure he wont do it again as he knows he has to be shut in his carrier instead so i can concentrate on what im doing :lol:

25-11-2011, 03:24 PM
Oh yes and i was cleaning his litter tray out and i just pushed his hutch door a little and he worked out whilst its not latched he might as well take advantage of it so came out and i found him trying to get into the black bag, then he knocked his litter tray over that was drying and got it stuck over his head and was hopping around dragging it with him hahah, he is full of antics what makes you laugh but he's also a naughty boy must be the teenager coming out in him he's about 9 months :L
We was getting him neutured but didnt as we got sold him as a boy but the vets weren't sure so couldnt do anything with him haha