View Full Version : In emergency vets again

Mad Bunster
09-11-2011, 11:59 PM
Another late night trip to the out of hours vets :-(

Why do my buns always stop eating late at night? Should I feed them their veggies earlier in the day, or is stasis going to happen no matter when they eat?

Nibbler was hospitalised just 2 weeks ago for stasis, no apparent problem found, and now the same happened again tonight. They've said he is dehydrated this time too.

Actually this happened same time last year too... Is there a seasonal problem that can affect them? Cold setting in or something?

Oh bunnies, why do you do it?

Bunny Buddy
10-11-2011, 12:05 AM
:( I wish I could tell you why.

I'm plagued with bunnies having stasis episodes too and I wish I could work out why. Between eight of them I'm lucky to get through a month without someone going on hunger strike. Most of my vet trips have been out of hours ones this year :( ... so much so that when I took a hunger strike bunny to the vet last week he commented it was good to see me in daylight :oops::oops:

I hope Nibbler is feeling better soon. The dehydration must be a bit of a worry.

Mad Bunster
10-11-2011, 12:12 AM
Gosh you must be a nervous wreck with 8 bunnies having stasis problems at one time or another.

It's the late nights that bother me! I normally give them the "routine" of Meds, tummy rubs and infacol then wait a while, before making the call to the vets, but I've got my son here now and I can't go leaving him at 4am like I used to!

hubby is away tonight too so I've had to call my lovely sister out to help. She even called from the vets and asked if the 200 odd bill was ok to go ahead with!

It's worrying when they say there is no underlying cause....I thought stasis was always a secondary symptom.

Have yours got any reason for their episodes?

Bunny Buddy
10-11-2011, 12:32 AM
Sometimes I've been given a cause, other times not... mostly not - because there's nothing to find to say why. I find it really hard to decide if there is actually anything underlying it or 'just' a bellyache that will sort itself out. Even 'just' a bellyache is likely to need medication anyway so if it's not out of hours then I usually get them to the vets swiftly when *maybe* leaving them longer is all they needed. Though I've recently read that even if the cause eg trapped wind has gone then they still might go into stasis anyway, requiring treatment :? I have however had bunnies with liver torsion, intestinal blockage (2 bunnies, one survived, one didn't) and kidney stones, all causing stasis so it's really hard not to worry when they refuse food. My vets often do x-rays and blood test if there's enough reason to so I am be reassured that there's nothing serious underlying it.

At least for me I can just get in a car and go (having disturbed the vet's sleep/tea), there's only me and the rabbits to bother about, it must be much harder to organise with young children.