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04-11-2011, 03:33 PM
I have had Bramble for about 3 years now, he has always hated being handled and so I have done it the least amount as possible. When he came to live with us he was a very shy, timid bunny. Gradually over the past 3 years he has slowly come to trust us, and was happy for nose rubs on the floor....then maybe even allowing me to brush him....but normally if his head was in a bowl of treats!

Just recently I have been trying to handle Bramble and Bungee more, to make it easier for vet trips and when they go boarding. The lovely Jayne at Nutwood Bunnies (where they holiday!) has helped with this, as she handles the buns everyday when they stay with her. I have made an effort to continue this since their last holiday there.

Bungee has always been easy to handle (once you can catch her!), and she will sit happily on your lap and be brushed. She loves a cuddle too. This is thanks to Chrissy (who I got Bungee from) handling her from a baby....thanks Chissy :wave:

I didn't think lovely Bramble would ever be a 'cuddle bun', but just recently I have been able to hold him for a quick cuddle.

This morning when I went out with their breakfast I found tufts of Bramble's fur in their run. My first thought was that they'd had a fight, and I thought I'd better pick him up and give him the once over to check for any wounds. He happily let me pick him up and we had a lovely cuddle and I was able to check him all over, but I'm happy to say he was fine. I thought I was pushing my luck a bit, but I thought I'd just try and see if he would sit on my lap so I could run my hands all over him to make sure he was okay....amazingly he let me! So I went for it and got out the brush!! He let me brush him for ages....even him tummy....I was so happy....it's taken 3 years, but I think he now officially a 'cuddle bunny' :love:.......for today anyway!

It's been so worth the effort, and time waiting for this day......I'm so, so happy! :D

Mrs Cullen
04-11-2011, 03:43 PM
Congrates, hope it lasts. Bella and Jacob aren't cuddly bunnys:( But Edward is:D which is lovely, he comes and sits on my knee or in my arms for ages. He also loves giving kisses even to people he doesn't know:love: So I consider my self very lucky, hope he doesn't grow out of it too soon.