View Full Version : Mabel and Smokey bonded at last

30-10-2011, 07:22 PM
I never thought it would happen and nearly gave up.
Our laid back stray Mabel and Smokey our Gumtree bunny.
At first Smokey was very agressive so split them up after it seemed to be not working.
But with plenty of TLC Smokey has become a diffrent bunny he looks healthier he had runny eyes and
now his fur is shining and is binkying and loves nose rubs.
He has had a lot of free range time and started to look a lot happier.
So decided to let them free range together and they have clicked.
Smokey refused to leave Mabels house,so left them in together and
three days on looking good .Plenty of grooming and flopping over each other.
Mabel seems happier and Smokey looks a few years younger.
Still watching them carefully .It could not have happened at a better time
with winter coming.
I would love to bond them with Moly and Joker but will leave it awhile.
I am so happy for them.Not a better sight than bunny love:love::love:

30-10-2011, 08:49 PM
Oh thats is fantastic for them both, well done!!! Its great that Mabel can help keeps Smokey's eyes clean for him too.

It would be lovely to see some pics of them both if you have any?

Hope things continue to go well :D