View Full Version : Winter care tips.. UD/ Got a reply! :)

18-10-2011, 10:29 AM
I was reading this website and got to this bit;

"Diet need not be necessarily altered but rabbits do like a little hay in the winter as an extra. Don't go mad or you may have a tubby rabbit to deal with in the spring! A handful will be plenty."

I have read it a few times to figure out what I'm seeing is right.. Hay is only allowed in winter and only a handful?

Should I try and email "The British Rabbit Council"? It's a website called petplanet. I can't find a contact address :?

Also this "If the hutch has an outside run onto grass or concrete, close it off until spring arrives." Surely they would want to promote the bunny moving around to keep warm, I know Donny and Lola would be very upset if I closed them in hutches till it got warmer :? They are both on the patio but have foam mats, carpet squares and mats with only a small part of actual patio.

ETA: I have found a facebook page I could contact them on?

UD: I got a reply from my wall post on facebook! They have changed it to say hay is vital to a bunnies diet etc and it will go onto the website in the next hour :)