View Full Version : ..I'm almost 100% positive Little can smell! o.o

17-10-2011, 12:37 AM
Okay so from today I have started operation slow bonding. I spent a good half an hour brushing Little (which he thoroughly enjoyed!!) I then spent the next half hour brushing Simba and letting her and Dexter smell the same brush and then a further twenty minutes with Dexter half asleep on my lap brushing him, with the same brush again.

I then came out, rolled all the fur off of me (Dexter always molts like a cat on my lap) Little started going CRAZY over my legs, sniffing my legs, leaning on them and everything.
I then bent down and let him climb on me and get a good smell of my hands, his nostrils were really flaring. I gave him lots of strokes and kept telling him it was a good smell. Then I let him smell the brush - and up goes his tail! So I gave him some basil and some more strokes while he smelt it and re-assured him.

I'm positive Little could smell the other two. He has been sniffing things for a while but did always like to take a good look at his food before he tried something new. I guess this is the first proof that he can atleast somewhat smell?
I am very very happy for him, because I think a life without smell is very dull :)
I guess he just prefers to look at everything more than smell it?
What a strange little bunny!

17-10-2011, 09:08 AM
We knew he had a sense of smell, it's just not as heightened as it should be. It is there, just not his primary sense. He could use it to find food when we scatter fed him, if he REALLY had to.

Sort of similar to someone who is partially sighted, or partially hearing impaired.

So yeh, I'd agree he does have a sense of smell :) It's just a dull one.