View Full Version : Boris and Bella are now back together :D

16-10-2011, 05:58 PM
:D I decided to seperate them when Boris got ill, as she was also being hormonal at the time which was stressing him out a lot. Also, I wanted to keep him in my bedroom where I could keep an eye on him at all times, keep him warm etc. Bella, unfortunately, has been banned from my bedroom due to excessive chewing (I'm pleased to say that she IS getting better though, I know that for sure) so I knew from the start that she couldn't come :( It was hard, seperating them, and of course my greatest concern was whether or not it might damage their bond, and whether I'd have a hard time rebonding them. But no :) They were reunited yesterday and apart from a fair bit of chasing and humping, it's all gone very well :love: They seem really happy to be together again and are currently sat on the rug kissing :love: I'm so happy for them!
(Boris has made a full recovery by the way :D)