View Full Version : I miss my gorgeous house bunny!

14-10-2011, 10:36 PM
Will someone please tell me that I am being selfish! :oops:

I moved my girl Finx outside when we moved house, as I couldn't risk any carpet nibbling in the new rented place. She gets loads more space in the garden, as although she's in a hutch and run because the garden isn't escape-proof, it is huge and she has access to both all day. She also now has a rabbit friend, Tango to keep her company.

She was just so much more affectionate when she was inside! I miss the licking and the constant nudges for attention, now she nibbles and grumbles instead. Practically everything about her outside life is better than her indoor life was, it's just me that isn't as happy :lol: I've been replaced by another rabbit!

I would like an ideal world where I own my own home and they can free range inside with me, worry free. If someone would remind me that she is of course better off with 24/7 rabbit company than my company in the evenings, and that I am supposed to be the adult here, that would be great :D

15-10-2011, 01:20 AM
sI think the fact she isn't as affectionate to you any more is about the best indication you can have that she's perfectly happy and, I hate to say it, obviously loves her new bunny pal more than you!

Try to be happy that you're giving her a great life now :)

15-10-2011, 07:13 AM
The quality of her life, in bunny terms, is better now she has a friend. You could also make a point of reading all the threads about destructo house bunnies to confirm your decision!! :wave: Could you get a hamster to live inside perhaps? Big rescue currently in Eastbourne... :?

tracey madigan
15-10-2011, 08:55 AM
Hi,i know exactly how you feel ,my rabbit charlie used to groom me and now he is outside wih clover he is not bothered and sometimes even runs away from me :(,i felt so sad ,almst like he had died even though he is just outside the back door! ,i had an awful empty feeling
Anyway to help i got a skinny pig "hairless guinea " to live in the kitchen as they cant live outside and she is getting a companion next week:roll: ,i still miss charlie being in but i know he is happy now and i have an indoor pet to help:D

15-10-2011, 11:43 AM
Thanks everyone :) I do know she is happier now, and it is better for her to love another rabbit more than she loves me! :lol: It's just a bit sad at times.

I have a chinese hamster, Wilson, who's a lovely character. He's an old man now and pretty quiet these days, but doing well :) Here's a pic of him when he was younger...


I saw about the rescue in Eastbourne - if only they were closer I'd love to rehome another syrian, I do miss my Pebbles, who died a few months ago aged 2 and a half.

For now, I'll just make the most of watching Finx snuggle with Tango, and giving Wilson a snack before I go to bed :)