View Full Version : How long do you think it would take

16-08-2011, 12:46 AM
for 2 rabbits to eat a 10kg bag of Wagg Optimum and a 5kg bag of litter? I'm just trying to work out costs and things for them, because soon I will be able to buy their food and things online which will be easier but I'm just working out costs and how often I'll have to buy more :)

Also, would it be ok to get a 10kg bag of food or should I get smaller bags and buy them more often?

16-08-2011, 01:03 AM
How much do you use daily?:wave:

16-08-2011, 01:47 AM
I would say that the food would last aaaages (My 5kg science selective has lasted about 2.5/3 months and that was with random numbers of rabbits between 2 and 6).

Dont think the litter would last long at all though. What size/how many litter trays do you have and what is the litter you are planning on buying?

16-08-2011, 06:10 AM
The food should last at least 100 days, I would give 25g or less per bunny = 50g per day = 350g per week = 3.5 kg over 100 weeks = 5kg should last approximately 14 weeks.

All litters are different and depending on what they weigh will depend on how long they will last, a bag of megazorb will last you months with 2 rabbits whereas a 5kg bag of wood based cat litter will last a few feeks.

16-08-2011, 06:51 AM
I bought my 10kg of Wagg months ago and we have 6 rabbits. Depends on how much you give them though.

16-08-2011, 08:59 AM
:wave: I would suggest you don't let them eat the bag of litter. ;)

16-08-2011, 03:44 PM
:wave: I would suggest you don't let them eat the bag of litter. ;)

:oops: I've just reread it and realized :lol: I might try and find a place to buy megazorb online because the only shop near me that sells it, only sells really big bags that I wouldn't be able to carry home. I'm so glad I can start buying things online, it means I'll have a lot more money left over to save for vaccinations, and vet bills :)

16-08-2011, 05:09 PM
My 2 rabbits are fed 20g of Science Selective daily, so their 3kg bag lasts them 5 months. If you feed yours roughly 20g daily, then a 10kg bag will last you over a year. Check the best before date will last you that long though, but if it does, its great value.

I use quite a bit of litter, but mine use Megazorb which comes in 80litre bags, and I buy 2 every month. They are roughly 8 each but with p+p added on, which is around 8, then it costs me around 24 per month in litter.