View Full Version : My bunny makes me smile when.....

♥Maisie's Mumma♥
15-07-2011, 02:57 PM
Its been a rough few months and Maisie keeps doing things to make me smile and i'm bored so i started this thread

When she runs to the fridge and periscopes because she knows thats where the cucumber is
When she throws her keys off her box and tries to pass them to be through the cage when i'm sat there
When she flops
when she periscopes too long and falls backwards
when she stretches on the laminate and her feet slide
when she runs through the kitchen and slides into the front room
when i stack the toy skittles up and she runs straight through them and then sits there until i restack them

These last few months would have been alot harder without my bun!
What do your bunnies do to make you smile?