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22-06-2011, 05:36 PM
Well, I'm not online much at the minute as I have no internet (small mercies in the form of Maccy D's free wifi!) I'm moving on Sunday, woohoo! Its got a huge garden. Theres an 10foot square decking area in the corner and this is going to be bunny head quarters. I have a 6X6 Wendy House style shed coming on tuesday, second hand but brill for 100quid. As I will have the room I decided I would probably keep Logan and Jeremy. I also have a new addition, a mini lion lop named Blixy who is black with chocolate ears and a funny grey fluffy 'skirt'.
Soooo we have been doing some bonding and it looks like things are going well for a group of 4 with Blixy, Jeremy, Benjamin and Lilou. Jeremy has humped everyone in to submission, Benji looks like he just lost his manhood... poor boy. No actually fighting though, just humping, chasing, and a little fur pulling. My only concern is that there has been no interaction between Blixy and either benji or lilou, because they are all to busy trying to not get humped by jeremy, who at one point had them all lined up facing the wall whilst he rotated round with the humping! lol.
It was facinating to watch. I have some photo's I'll try and post them up when I can.

I can't believe I thought I would be homeless next week but instead I've got a house and can keep all my buns including fosters. Yey! :D

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They look like a very happy group:love:

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any advice on how long to wait before i increase the space? Theres lots of grooming going on now but still chasing which seems to be mainly between blixy and lilou. Theyve been together im the dog crate 2 days. Since wednesday lunch time.

24-06-2011, 11:08 PM
They all look quite chilled!:love:

No advice about the space though sorry, have no bonding experience!

25-06-2011, 09:15 AM
When I bonded my 4 I kept them in a bathtub for a week, because the last time I bonded them I only kept them in their for 2 days and it all went horribly wrong. Though a week was good, and very slowly moving the barrier in the shed day by day worked for me. I guess mine were quite a tricky bond though.

They look gorgeous together! :love: