View Full Version : Please answer - I think Binkys hurt...

05-06-2011, 01:03 AM
She's fine - in herself so to speak. I just picked her up to fuss her a bit and cuddle her, and was stroking her and felt a lump above her shoulder blade.

I asked OH to help me look through all the fur, is it a matt or something else? And it looks like the skin has been broken there. It's red and looks like something happened.

Would that explain the lump as well? She's only 4 months old so I hope it's nothing horrific :( She lives with her sister and they're free range downstairs.

Like I said, I only noticed because I felt it, she's acting normal, eating and pooing etc.

Could I have done this? (re: earlier grooming question) Am I too rough maybe? :(

05-06-2011, 01:19 AM
Could it be a scab at the injection site from vaccs?

05-06-2011, 01:26 AM
Has Binky had any injections recently, or have you seen her Sister trying to mount her as sometimes they bite them in that area when this happens.
Could you take a photo of the lump at all and post on here?

05-06-2011, 03:38 AM
As the others have said... any recent injections?

05-06-2011, 12:10 PM
She had VHD jab just over a week ago.

I came down this morning and there are tufts of fur everywhere - I think it's Binkys becluse it's white although Bailey hasa whiteish belly. But there is a little bit of Ginger in there. Which could be from either as Binky has ginger patches.

I've never seen them mount or be the least bit aggresive to each other. Could this be from a fight or something else? They're fine when I came down this morning - sat cuddled up together.

I'll try and get a photo - I don't know if I can though as she's so fluffy it's difficult to see.

05-06-2011, 12:12 PM
Are they neutered yet? if not I would say they are coming in to sexual maturity and stating to compete for dominance. You should be able to get them spayed once they are over 1kg if you have a good rabbit savvy vet. Others make you wait until they are 6 months old.

05-06-2011, 12:16 PM
Yeah they're 4 months tomorrow.

My vet said to book for a adolescent check in a month and they'd take spaying from there. She's quite rabbit savvy I believe but as I live in the sticks the options are few and far between!

05-06-2011, 12:19 PM
:wave: hey, sounds like they are scrapping a bit and that whay may have caused the lump. as they are getting lder their hormones are probably to blame for it. have you witnessed them fighting or is it when you are not around?? x

05-06-2011, 12:22 PM
It must be when I'm not around. They look the picture of sweetness and light when I'm here - sit and groom each other and snuggle up! They've never been aggresive to anyone or each other - that I have seen :s

Could this have anything to do with it? They have always been free range when I'm here - but last week we started letting hem free range in the kitchen always. And they've had a new base cage. Which was cleaned thoroughly, but maybe it still has a smell of another rabbit on there? I was so careful to clean it as well, just in case of this happening :s

05-06-2011, 12:47 PM
Just another thing; I've just looked through the tufts of fur that were pulled and there seems to be a scab in there. Could she have been pulling at that? I can't see the lump from last night but I need OH to help me look at that (to hold the fur back and stuff). The pulled fur is all on the back doormat. Not scattered around the kitchen