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30-05-2011, 10:43 PM
My rabbit is nearly 2 years old and I've had her since she was 5 week old.She lives in the house with me,just her and me.Then I met my partner.He didn't grow up around animals and even though she likes him and he strokes her alot there's alot of jealousy there,though it's unspoken.I see the way he looks at her and tries to persuade me to put her away so he can have my attention elsewhere.We've been together a year now and although it's calmed down since I had it out with him and told him she will come first if he can't share the attention,I wondered if anyone else had the same jealousy issues with a partner,kids or even the rabbit!

30-05-2011, 10:48 PM
I did with my ex and too be honest I can only say it got worse:( He was incredibly jealous of our first son as he had health problems and took up a lot of my day (he is still horrible to him now and my eldest is 11 years old:() He used to get 'moody' when I went out to see friends, even wanted me to be home 24/7 in the end.

Only you can make decisions about your relationship and although I have no regrets (got two beautiful boys out of it) I wish I had followed my gut instinct much sooner. Good luck:D

30-05-2011, 10:55 PM
When we got Buckley my OH was a bit jealous. I don't think he realised exactly how much of myself I was going to give to a bunny. I don't think he grasped the depth of the emotional connection that a girl has with her pets and I think he got jealous of mine and Buckley's connection as it were and the fact that Buckley was getting a lot of attention. He tried to sort of pull me away from Buckley and shut bunbun away as it were. It didn't work. I'm very resistant to being pulled.
At the time I was also revising for exams and stuff. He just sulked by playing playstation and not listening to me.

He got over it though. I think he still gets a bit jealous sometimes. But most of the time he treats Buckley like a child.

He doesn't seem to trust Buckley though... it's a bit weird. I don't know what he doesn't trust him with but he doesn't trust him entirely.
I don't either but only with getting up to mischief haha. He's always creating mischief.

But at bed time he always wants Buckley shut in his end of the bedroom, like he wants a certain barrier between us and Buckley. I'd rather have Buckley free ranging in my room 24/7 but OH won't have it. Even though it's MY bedroom :roll: