View Full Version : Ok to go straight outside?and fox threat?

crazy daisy
26-05-2011, 07:05 PM
Me and my OH (mainly my OH!) are building my buns an outdoor enclosure like an avairy with a hutch inside. They are currently in my ohs mums summer house which isnt heated but obviously protected from the elements. Hopefully it should be finished in a couple of weeks! is it ok for them to go straight outside from the summer house. Also Im abit worried about foxes in the garden during the day. Does anyone else who has got an avairy style enclosure have foxes come in your garden and so how do your buns react? Thanks

26-05-2011, 08:21 PM
I have rabbit aviaries in my garden with foxes from the forest running around as well. I find the buns are nervous if they are out on the lawn in runs - frozen or trying to run and they stay upset for an hour afterwards checking for the fox. They don't use the shlters in the run as maybe they don;'t feel safe enough (I was wondering abuot their reaction so I didn't chase the fox when he showed up mid-day alst week).
However, their reaction is different when they are in the aviary - they'll keep an eye on him but they don't run for cover or stamp and don't stop eating. I think it is because they have an area to run into completely away from the fox where they can't see him and he can't see them (it's a 3x4 foot box with a door but no windows). The foxes pay no attention to them what ever (except when in the runs and they try to run away). I expect the fox knows it is pointless and they are not going to waste their time. As I'm sure you know, you need to put wire on the floor of the aviary to stop digging out and them digging in - the foxes did give it a go when we first put them up but haven't bothered since. It is entirely natural for rabbits to bolt when they see something scary (mostly me if they don't see me coming!)- the important thing is that they have somewhere they think is really safe to hide in.

I thbik putting them straight out this time of year would be fine as long as they have somewhere with lots of hay in to stay warm in. You might get lots of stomping at first while they sort out what is dangerous and what is a normal night time sound. My buns rarely stomp now but they did at first. it is really worth doing as they love all that space and sunshine.

crazy daisy
27-05-2011, 08:03 AM
Thanks for your reply bunnylover. The avairy will be on slabs and the actual frame will be attached to railway sleepers, nothing will get in or out! they will have constant access to their hutch incase anything spooks them.