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25-05-2011, 06:31 PM
Täplä: /peek out from cardboard box. 'oh ._. hi. who are you? go away please ._.'

Nenä: 'don't be rude! they look friendly! just because we've had a stressful day doesn't mean we can forget our manners, Täplä!'

Täplä: 'sorry ._. shall I tell you about our stressful day? well it all started when hoomin mommy was taking out travel cage out and waving it around. we were immediately suspicious! but then she took it away and we weren't worried anymore'

Nenä: 'all part of her plan!'

Täplä: 'yes ._.! so anyway a bit later she tempted us with some apple and we of course came bouncing out! and she GRABBED ME :( AND PUT ME IN THE CARRIER!!!!! but then she went to grab Nenä and I jumped out hehehehehe :lol:'

Nenä: 'that was very clever Täplä! and then while hoomin mommy chased you, I tried to nudge the top open! but I couldn't in time :( so we were both trapped :(!'

Täplä: 'hoomin mommy is evil like that. and then she picked us up and jiggled us all over the place and took us to the metal fing wiv wheels. which I don't like. because it smells funny and it's hot and there are loud sounds and lots of bumpies'

Nenä: 'I am not keen on the bumpies. sometimes it's okay, but I do NOT like the bumpies!'

Täplä: 'and so anyway I was VERY BRAVE and...'

Nenä: 'NO YOU WEREN'T! you were panicking! digging, and flopping, and coming to me for licks and reassurance!'

Täplä: '._. NOOOOO I am a BRAVE BUNNY! Okay maybe I was a little bit scared, but the noises and the bumpies!'

Nenä: 'it's okay Täplä, it's not that bad. and mommy put a rug in our cage so we don't slipsies all over the place! and she put the blowies on and I stuck my face in it and it was nice :)!!!!!'

Täplä: 'i am still not keen :cry:'

Nenä: 'So anyway hoomin mommy drove for a bit (35 hoomin minutes, I heard mommy say to another hoomin!) and she talked to us the whole way which got a bit boring after a while I must say. babbling on about stupid stuff :roll:! shut up please mommy!'

Täplä: '._.'

Nenä: 'so hoomin mommy took us out the other end and plopped us down and left us! for 10 whole minutes! :shock: I heard some banging! and then she put us into a big new cage which she called a 'shed' :shock: it was okay because I had a litter tray and some hay, and a box which smelt like us because mommy brought it with us, and lots of grass and stuff :love:'

Täplä: 'i don't like it ._. it's new and scary'

Nenä: 'don't worry, we'll get used to it. although there appears to be a strange thing above us, I wonder if that's a shelf?'

Täplä: 'i don't know but I'm planning to stay in my box for a bit longer thanks ._.'

Nenä: 'oh. maybe I'll investigate it later then :)'

Hoomin mommy took some pictures of us in the metalboxwivwheels:


A picture of us in our new strange place!:

Mommy saw a funny:


And mommy took a video (excuse mommys silly bunny voice, she ALWAYS uses it when she talks to us and we know she sounds silly!):

http://i986.photobucket.com/albums/ae341/eiidare/th_V1601_25-05-11.jpg (http://s986.photobucket.com/albums/ae341/eiidare/?action=view&current=V1601_25-05-11.mp4)

Clicky for the video!

26-05-2011, 02:28 AM
I hope your lovely new bunnies settle in their new home.:D


Barn Yard Bunnies
26-05-2011, 02:38 AM
Evil hommin mommy :evil:

You take those wheels off and hide them in the shed and hope your mommy doesn't move you again. ;)


26-05-2011, 02:59 AM
So super cute. :love:

And bunny flops in the shed. :love:

26-05-2011, 08:17 AM
I love your bunnies, they are gorgeous :love:

Hope they are recovering from theirexperience!:D

26-05-2011, 11:02 PM
I love your bunnies, they are gorgeous :love:

Hope they are recovering from theirexperience!:D

Thank you :D They're recovering slowly but they keep telling me they need more parsnip and parsley. :shock:

I let them into my moms garden and thenthey wouldn't go back in their shed :evil::evil::evil::evil:

Angry hoomin!:evil::evil::evil: