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09-04-2011, 11:09 AM
Archie was running round the garden and I didn't notice that my next door neighbours were planning to cut the hedge, and I didn't notice until the big noisy cutting thing (can't remember the name, sorry :lol: ) started up, and it really scared Archie. I lost him for about 20 minutes but then I found him in a bush and a bit later I managed to get him back but I'm worried it was so stressful for him. I held him and stroked him and he seemed ok, then I put him back in the hutch with Molly and gave them grass, carrots, hay and pellets (I was using most of these to try and get Archie back to me) he ate all of them apart from the carrot (but he's already had carrot today so he probably didn't want more of it) and he's gone to sit in the closed in part of the hutch. He's eating, which is good, but I'm worried that it stressed him out. I don't really know what to do now, I was going to cover the front of his hutch to make him feel a bit safer but it's a hot day and I don't want the hutch to get too hot. I was going to bring him in but I'm looking after 2 dogs and Mum wants me to stay with them so I can't bring Archie in because it would stress him out more. I really don't know what to do. If I'd known they were going to cut the hedges I wouldn't have let Archie in the garden. If you think they really should come in for a bit to get away from the noise, I'll find a way for them to be able to come in, what should I do?

09-04-2011, 11:13 AM
I think he'll be fine and forget about it soon enough. My two get spooked and hide every time I hoover (they are housebuns) but once I stop it doesn't take long for them to be braver again.

09-04-2011, 11:14 AM
something similar happened to my rabbit flosso...he was funning about and i couldnt get him back in his cage and the people at the end of my garden have a big german shepard and the dog started barking and my rabbit just froze...but once i put him back in his hutch with food he was fine.

Barn Yard Bunnies
09-04-2011, 11:17 AM
Just a little time and I am sure Archie will relax.

09-04-2011, 11:39 AM
He'll be fine Alicia. :) He will realise the noise isn't going to hurt him and having Molly with him will help him calm down. They protect eachother from stress.