View Full Version : Bunny 500!

14-03-2011, 10:59 PM
I do like it when Jenson goes on a full on, mad bunny 500!

His are usually stop start, he'll do these laps, round the cage (usually he's put the litter tray in the middle already) out through the cage door (flying), one end of the cage, through his chube, sometimes a binky, up to the other end, then full pelt back into his cage and the figure of eight starts again!

It's very cute, his ears (he's a lop) fly out to the sides! Sometimes I worry because he crashes a little, I dread to think what the neighbours think of the racket!

And in the time I've written this, he's now flopped out, till the next round!! Looking forward to making him free range, we keep extending his NIC run. Just need to work out how to block off the tv and under the sofa!

I'm also hoping that free range means he'll get used to my OH as Jenson can go to him instead.

14-03-2011, 11:17 PM

i loves the 500's