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14-03-2011, 02:36 AM
....I am not talking about Brer rabbit, Watership Down or Peter Cottontail.
I don't own a single nonfiction book on rabbits and I'm looking to buy a few. I'm interested in information on both domesticated and wild rabbits.

It seems there is a dearth of good information on these lovely creatures, even though they abound in stories and mythology.

For example, "Stories Rabbits Tell," by Susan E. Davis and Margo Demello, was reviewed as being rife with misinformation and poor journalism. Apparently, they used an internet list and outdated books as references; but I keep in mind that the writer of these reviews was probably part of the commercial rabbit industry. Still, I want to know the truth. Where is it to be found???

I've only found two good-looking books on Amazon:

1. The classic "House Rabbit Handbook" by Marinell Harriman is recommended as an authoritative reference by the House Rabbit Society itself, and

2. "Rabbits: Gentle Hearts Valiant Spirits: Inspirational Stories of Rescue, Triumph, and Joy" by Marie Mead and Nancy Laroche.

Man even National Geographic has like 3 videos on them on YouTube!

Suggestions/comments on the misinformation or lack of information on rabbits? They are so misunderstood by most people IMHO.

14-03-2011, 04:44 AM
matthew and tabitha are thinking round being 'misunderstood' and wondering if it brings extra crunchies...