View Full Version : Wild bunny in Leeds city centre.

07-03-2011, 01:51 PM
I was at my friends city centre flat in Leeds about a month ago and across the road from her is a big deralict piece of land enclosed by high walls and running around was a wild bunny! Really strange as she said he's been there for months. The land looks like there was some building on there that had been knocked down, it's in the middle of the city centre and surrounded by extremely busy roads so we have no idea how he got there. He seems happy enough running around, jumped and playing. He must be eating the weeds that are growing and drinking from puddles. It's really odd how he's got there and I hope he continues to survive. I'm assuming from colouring that he's wild, if he had been white or pet bunny colouring I would have been in there trying to catch him!!