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07-03-2011, 02:00 AM
I know when i am going to have a seizure i get all sorts of neuro probs...and i am always alerted by our pets..always have been with almost each one weve ever had.

bunnies grunt and run and hide banging heir feet..cats hiss growl and stalk past me grimacing...bloomin scary stuff!!

BUT to find a seizure alert bunny for another bunny...how rare is that!!:shock:

bluebells won her medal today bless her....:love:

Berties been odd on and off all day..pretty wobbly on his back legs...i got a bit owrried when he was washing and fell..but hed just got his ear stuck under his foot:oops:

anyhoo..bluebells the bunny who hates cats..came to us hating them and bullies all our three cats to the point they are terrified of her. BUT today..she was happy to sit near them...share the same space and even allow them to drink from her n berties dog bowl!
But poor thing..she kept giving off weird vibes..i was instantly taken back to my beloved bridge bun bif....she used to get terrified and try to hide it but lost control. Bluebell was doing just this....bertie had chased her for no reason twice and she was genuinely scared...her breathing was fast..her nose and mouth got moist...her whites of her eyes were showing...she looked like she would bolt upstairs any second and hide:(

she kept trying to get our attention then instead of her usual..right youve seen me..now go away...she was begging for nose rubs and reassurances...she was stressing out and i couldnt calm her.

she gave bertie his space...but kept sneaking up on him to check he was ok then sleep near him. she was washing him above his tail..and he didnt chase her..she was confused and you could see it.
she kept pacing up and down and around him...settle for cuddles then come and sit by me and keep showing me something was up...you know the silent but readable bunny vibes?!

i gave bertie some metacam after a few hours...his behaviour was odd very clingy...and very wobbly..i knew what was coming.......

he wobbled into the litter tray and she slowly got out and sat staring at him but keeping her distance...she kept looking at me and she was terrified!!
suddenly bertie got frantic trying to wash...he does this just before a fit and for ages after..he will pseudo wash one area for ages and ages without even making contact:(
he fell like a tree trunk..bang on his side in the tray..i leapt up and grabbed the valium..sure enough he then held his head and limbs rigid...and fromt here convulsed.
i lubed up the valium tube..got to bertie and gently tried to lift his feet out the way so i could give him the valium. But it stopped the seizure as in convulsing...but he sat bolt upright furiously pseudo washing and making weird noises..still part of the seizure:(

bluebell looked at me and i told her she was a good girl...she let me storke her head and she wasnt shaking as much..she warily went up to bertie and offerred her head to have him wash it..then she relaised he was still in the throes of the seizure...so she sat almsot touching his nose with hers and when he began to slow donw..she washed his face and eyes so gently and guided him out of the tray and lay on the floor with him just reassurring him...it was so amazing..shes done similar three times before this...but this was an almsot all day event....the run up.

i told her she was a good girl and she let me fuss her and i told her to take care of him but dont make him mad.

she has been with him since..only now has she let him drag himself up and drink eat and toilet by himself...shed gone with him each time.

id say i was reading too much into it...but even niki noticed and weve been flabbergasted by her knowing whats coming and her fears for herself but deffinately bertie. Her gentleness and nurturing upsets us doubly knowing she did this in with her sister in the run up to her dying:(

she gets scared because she knows berties losing control and the worst one for her was the really long triple fit he had whist washing her...she ran and hid behind my feet and stayed close till hed stopped pseuodowashing afterwards.

shes getting more and more in tune with him...and is getting amazing at alerting us....and even resides amongst the cats who are frozen with fear till bertie is awake.
zuzu our cat hid upstairs and didnt come down till fater his fit..she was slo mo till she saw he was ok.

i could be nuts and over indulging the behaviour but htis was the first time we knew hed have a fit within hours and we had bluebell to prove it and zuzu hiding which she does when i have a fit.

i know it sounds crazy but i really think bluebells being berties seizure alert bunny:love:

07-03-2011, 02:12 AM
Awww it's wonderful how she cares for him. Animals are so amazing :love:

07-03-2011, 02:46 AM
thank you...we think its amazing too........weveonly had her since november too:shock:

07-03-2011, 04:54 AM
How wonderful of her, such a special bunny xx :love::love:

07-03-2011, 02:34 PM
aw Bluebell .. you are such a clever girl :love:

07-03-2011, 02:35 PM
Thats amazing, what a good girl she is

07-03-2011, 03:42 PM
What a wonderful girl:love: Bertie is very lucky to have her:)

I know animals, including rabbits, know so much more than us, and feel every single emotion that we have too.:)

Feegal seems to be going deaf, Sally always runs up to him first when I call them for food. I know she is telling him it's dinner time:D

08-03-2011, 04:19 AM
yes i am not surprised...a hearing aid rabbit......theyre so sensitive.

BUT bluebells like a lumbering heffalump bless her and her only thing against her is her outright hatred of cats and kittens:shock:

i told her over and over what a good girl. such an amazing feat..you have to see it to believe it.

bluebell had her myxi today......i left bertie at home as hed had the fit.
she was terrified......such a big bun with such a big fear......she was overjoyed to be back with bertie...and he was overjoyed to see her...and the two kittys whod gone for their jabs:love:

is bluebell being obvious with her behaviour concerning berties seizures..or have we finally learnt her body language i wonder. maybe a bit of both:love:

angie....thank you so much for letting me adopt this crazy doe...:lol::love:

08-03-2011, 10:59 AM
aaaah - its wonderful they can support each other and re-assure each other....it must be very scary for her to sit and watch the seizures....xxxxxx