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18-02-2011, 02:27 AM
sigh.....bluebells STILL chasing the cats....and i have no idea why. When bluebell came to us with her sister..it was her sister who hated the cats and attacked all 3 of them everytime she saw them....and poor merlin:(

bluebell however just fitted in...self bonded herself to bertie and merlin...and the cats!

since her sister died and merlin was hospitalised for a week...shes attacked merlin at every possible chance..even through the bars.

she lunges at and actually chases poor zuzu.....and she does the same with the 6 month old kittens...but the tiny kitty of the pair is only just over 2kg in weight and very naive and sweet...bluebells jumped up on me and gone to bite freyas tummy.

ive tried the whole NO clap youre hands thing...also not telling her off but instead rewarding her when she didnt attack them. sadly nothings worked.
zuzus a bit stressed out....and the kittens..well they just run like the wind!

i noticed poor bluebells got a bit of her ear missing..a small slice vertially on the edge of one ear..very old and healed..cant help wondering if at her birthplace both her and her sister had a nasty encounter with a cat?

or shes just territorial beyone belief..but it doesnt makes sense..her being ok for over two weeks then changing so fast...berties gone for her many times as he has a wonderful relationship with any animal in our house..even new bunnies....no bonding required..hes a lover not a fighter he says:lol:

zuzus a daddys girl...she used to sit gazing adoringly at him 24/7 when she was a teeny weeny kitten...even toileted wherever he did. her brother salem was even closer to bertie..they both regarded him as daddy!! now bluebell wont let him have his cuddles with the cats..hes really angry and has nipped her in lots of places...and refused to wash or cuddle her...he shunned her!!

he adores her but he loves the cats too and merlin.........but i guess maybe she feels insecure but uses brute force to show shes a big brave bunny?:?

18-02-2011, 06:53 AM
It does sound as if Bluebell has a touch of the green eyed monster .... & Bertie has put his paw down!
Is it possible spring fever has exasserbated the situation?
Sorry can't offer any advice .... but hope it all settles down again ... Bertie & Bluebell make a lovely couple :love:

18-02-2011, 06:27 PM
mm she climbed on me and nipped me cos i told her no:shock:

maybe its full moon..shes a secret were rabbit:lol::lol:

no i think its purely territorial..my 1st housebun was like this as she fell for our neutered tomcat..she wouldnt let the other two cats..or us nto the lounge as it was their love nest...im serious she was only a dwarf lop too:shock: but we all ran!!!

she was full of milk when they spayed her aged 4 months:shock::oops::lol:

it does take 6 months for homrones to die down...but i think its cos shes a big girlie with a big jealous streak!!:lol:

mind you we all would love cuddles and sleeping snuggled next to bertie..no wonder shes jealous:lol:

aww bless you...yes i thnk they make a cute couple:wave: