View Full Version : Feast or Famine!! or the length's we will go to for rabbits!!

09-01-2011, 06:54 PM
Been a bit paniced over the past few weeks, getting down to one bale of hay, and having my usual supplier say they will not be supplying in bales for the remainder of the season. I have contacted all the normal pet shops, to be told that no farm in or around hartlepool was selling hay bales. I was dreading the cost of buying hay from P@H for 6 buns.

Decided to look further afield, with Rich knowing a pet suppliers we went there to start. :) He is lovely, and he took me to North Yorkshire. They didn't sell it, but found pellets and megazorb. And the lady on the desk directed us to a notice board in the horsy bit, where I found a number. Phoned to no reply, and decided to phone later.

While there, one of Rich's Mum's friends was there, general chit chat, explained we were looking for hay for the buns, but I was finding it difficult.

Anyway Text the lady from the shop number and I have secured 4 bales with her for delivery to BF tomorrow, and he will bring it over to me.

But better still, the friend we were chatting to in the shop has dropped two rubble sacks of hay at Rich's. Apparently the friend's Wife has brothers who are farmers, and she managed to get me some :)

I have been seeing someone about running my own business and the bit of info given this week is just so true. If you keep your goals secret then you will never achieve them. I know this isn't the situation she was talking about, but it worked all the same.

I hope everyone else is not finding it too difficult getting hay, especially the rescues out there.