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20-12-2010, 04:41 PM
As you may or may not have known, this weekend Oscar and me made the 2 hour journey from university to home for the holidays.

Initially it seemed fine, Oscar was quite happy in his carrier with a fenugreek crunchie. Then we were early at the station and nowhere to wait inside... We were both shivering a lot, and my best efforts to keep the carrier warm wrapped in my scarf weren't enough :( Thankfully we only had a half hour wait at the station.

Our first train was fine- lots of space on the table and nice and warm so Oscar fell asleep all stretched out in the carrier, and I could relax, until the train was delayed coming into the station by about 10 minutes. I had 3 minutes to make the changover from one end of the station to the other with Oscar and my suitcase in tow. Just made it with a bit of jogging thankfully, but was out of puff afterwards!

Eventually got home and to my mums house, got Oscar in past the dog and upstairs to his new home for the next few weeks. He has a dog crate with a run that's about 1m x 2m attached to the front, and he seems to love it! I'm sat in the run with my laptop while Oscar is running round and exploring.

My family seems to really like him too, after they got over the initial 'why does a rabbit need that much hay and space?'. I keep finding my brothers sat upstairs in the run with him, which is good because they never really show much interest in animals usually... It was strange because I only spend half my time at my mums house and half at my dads, I really missed him the first night I was away, and had a massive list of things for my mum to do and remember!!

So, overall quite an eventful trip home :wave:

20-12-2010, 06:42 PM
Well done.
I bet that was a site suitcase and rabbit carrier in hands jogging to get the train.Hope he settles in for the holiday.:wave:

20-12-2010, 07:14 PM
sounds like a story for a childrens book :D can imagine all the lovely artwork - kinda like paddington bear or something