View Full Version : good luck vibes for nubbin please

16-12-2010, 08:20 AM
I took Nubbin to the vet a couple of months ago because her belly button wasn't healing healing propery. it had a scab on it and i could see puss.
the vet gave her an anti biotic injection and said to come back in two weeks. i did this and it still hadnt got any better and the vet said there seemed to be a hernia underneath. he gave her another injection and said that should do the job. anti biotics for a hernia didnt sound right to me but i didnt really want to argue with a vet so i gave it a week then went back and asked to see a different vet. she gave me a two week course of baytril to give nubbin. i did this and still no improvement. i went back and saw a third vet. this one told me to up the dose of the baytril and showed me how to clean the area and gave me some surgical scrub. she also booked nubbin if for exploritory surgery with regards to the hernia. the infection has gone down quite a bit and the area is looking pretty good.
today is surgery day and im glad they are doing something to sort it out but im also terrified for nubbin. im going to be a nervous wreck all day :(
please keep your fingers crossed xxxx

16-12-2010, 08:23 AM
Good Luck Vibes from me.

My girl Inca has a small Hernia, but it is not causing her any problems just now (fingers crossed it stays that way!)

17-12-2010, 06:07 PM
how did it go?

i hope everythings ok.

i cant even find a belly button on my buns!!:lol:

i guess they reallt should have swabbed the pus for a culture...but if its that bad then surgery the only option.

our merlin has a weird lump outside of his guts but deep enough in his tissues to be a problem...caused a blockage. The vets opinion is it maybe a necrotic fatty lump!! hes having to lose 10% of his body weight to be reasseses and poss surgery.

i know how scared i am just thinking about him having surgery...and its awful..so how on earth youve stayed so focus is amazing!!

i really hope poor bun is ok and theyve got to the bottom of the lump/infection.