View Full Version : Cleanin out day re. snow and soggy fluffies

27-11-2010, 09:00 AM
Well Ill be cleaning the bunnies out today and the little fuzzies are rather good at escaping the pen when i dont them to!

If they do happen to play in the :censored: snow how do i dry them off? Just with a towel? or bring them in for a bit :S im not sure:? Especially since they hate human contact right now for some reason!

Any advice appretiated x

susie bun
27-11-2010, 09:35 AM
I've been wondering this too. Despite his dislike of rain and puddles, Spenser appears to like the snow - we have had snow binkies! :D

27-11-2010, 09:40 AM
awh snow binkies <3

27-11-2010, 09:43 AM
I would just give them a quick rub off with a towel, they will only be damp on the surface rather than soaked through to the skin

27-11-2010, 09:57 AM
Well Riley free ranges all day and he has been out since 8:30am in the snow and frost. We only have a light shower of snow but Riley is loving it! We've had snow binky's aswell!! :love: