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18-10-2010, 08:06 PM
So I'm umming and ahhing about going to my mum's for my birthday, she lives in a gorgeous massive townhouse in the Cotswolds, it's the 3 hour drive from me. I would be there from a Tuesday evening (late) until Sunday afternoon when I'd come back.

I would either have to find a sitter for the bunnies, and worry about them the whole time, or, bring them with me. I can set them up in mum's garden room (actually a stunning 2 story converted stable, still with stable and trough in situ, cobbles and hay loft with plants, she uses it to grow veges on, as hundreds of little vegs!). I could set them up in there really nice, it isn't heated so they won't have an issue with suddenly dealing with central heating, and it can be closed off so the cat can't get in. They can't go outside, mum has a billion cats in the neighbourhood, as well as getting badgers, foxes and deer in the garden. She once found half a deer leg by her compost heap, bunnies wouldn't stand a chance out there!

Now the bunnies aren't fans of car rides, they sit huddled at the back of the box very quietly. They do poop in there. But settle quickly when they're home. I would take a lot with me, like all their blankets and litter trays and toys. But would it be unfair on them?? If I covered the box would it be better? The box only fits on the back seat.

They don't show interest in food but the box does come with a little clip on food bowl/water bowl so I could stop half way at Oxford services and see if they want some water.

Is this just a pipe dream and be cruel??

Anyone else do similar??

Stress! This is probably the last time this side of Xmas I'll get to go over to my mums.

18-10-2010, 08:13 PM
Alvin has travelled to Scotland from Birmingham and then back again a week later. even being stasis prone travelling has never caused a stasis episode, hoes done the journey a few times

ive found very wet veg is good. he refuses drink, it takes about 1/2 after the car has stopped to get him to eat (holly was the same). i put a towel then loads of hay ontop in the carrier, Alvin pees when he travels for more than 1/2 hour.

i have found with familiar stuff about Alvin loves to investigate the new space and within half hour of arrival you cant tell hes just been thro a 6 hr journey.

litter tray is the first thing he heads for so if you set up the loo area first when you arrive (before even saying hello to family) your buns should settle in great.

just incase get the number of a vets local to where your going, we can never be too careful with our angels :love:

18-10-2010, 08:18 PM
I used to live in Birmingham & my Patents are in London, I used to take Poppy in the car & it was 2hours at least. She was never very happy during the journey and was often in a mood once we arrived, however, she never got ill from the stress. I could have left her in Birmingham with my boyfriend (who loves her to bits), but I always knew i'd be happier when she was with me.

In my opinion it's not cruel, if you will have a better time with your Mum if you know they are safe with you I would take them. As long they aren't likely to get poorly from the stress of the car journey, that's what I think anyway.

18-10-2010, 09:00 PM
the car journey here from the rescue was about an hour, they settled fine from that. and the one to their vets here is about half an hour, of course they're not a fan of that as it involves being manhandled at the vets!

with the wet veg, is that during the car ride at a rest stop?

I know there is an emergency vets not far from my mums, she has cats, well one kitty now, lucy went missing last year :(, so knows where the local vets are well. there is one about a 10 minute walk from her house, or an emergency 24 hour vets about a 20 minute drive away. That's covered!

Now to tell my mum haha, I did warn her I was considering it. She was concerned about her cat, who has brought in baby wild rabbits before, including one that was left in the garden room, with the growing veges, all night, only found the next morning. Fat baby bunny. No more vege seedlings. Very unimpressed mum! My bunnies are the same size as her cat though. But Toto can be shut out so that's not a problem.

susie bun
18-10-2010, 09:02 PM
I would hate to leave Spenser, but live with my parents so don't have to worry visiting them. Would it be worth taking them on a medium length car journey to see how they get on before you make definite plans?

18-10-2010, 09:07 PM
I used to commute a lot between my parents home and my uni home and had a couple of travelling bunny pals and they did fine. Even now the remaining pal is still very relaxed in the carrier.

If you think they would be ok then I would say give it a go.

18-10-2010, 09:46 PM
Personally i would find a good boarding service. I think it would be for my benefit to take them with me rather than the rabbits.

18-10-2010, 09:58 PM
Interesting thread. I'm also from the Cotswolds and now live in Herts.

Debating going back this weekend and leaving the other half to bunny sit, with skype so I can check on Jenson.
I'm not sure if I can do it yet, he isn't used to my other half, he needs to put some more time in I think. Although Jenson did eat some carrot from him yesterday :)

Duh, forgot to write that I'm not sure what to do about Christmas, plans aren't settled yet but was wondering if I could take Jenson with me at some point over the break. He's fine in the carrier to the vet, well he's quiet so I'm not sure this is good and the vet isn't far.

18-10-2010, 10:00 PM
with the wet veg, is that during the car ride at a rest stop?

i do it at a stop, they dont eat while moving and it takes about 20-30 mins for them to come out of the sleep type state they go into when on the motorway.... Alvin is more used to it than holly was so he snaps out of it faster.. i was really worried about Holly 2 hours in because she refused all food at the first stop... by the 2nd stop she was munching away just fine :love:

18-10-2010, 10:13 PM
I moved 120 miles from my home town 3 years ago with my 2 rabbits. It's about 3 and half hour drive.
Having moved, my rabbits had a new hutch here but my Dad put the shed set up they had previously back up at their house for when I visit.
I have travelled backwards and forwards on numerous occasions now with my rabbits. They tend to settle down once on our way. I always stop half way and offer apple treats. They never want water when we are in the car but I do offer it. Toby who's shy always sits at the back and rarely wants to eat or look around when I stop whereas Willow will be at the door of the travel box wanting to come out and will eat anything.
Once at my parents house, they know exactly the set up and run off to the litter tray before munching on hay. They are so happy, I have trouble getting them back in their travel box to come home!!
I don't do this trip that often/as often as I'd like and I always make sure I have at least 2 days between trips but as I don't do the trip much, it tends to be Easter and Christmas with longer holiday periods anyway.

I was actually due to go to a friend's wedding this Saturday, where I'm originally from and due to work commitments I can only get the Friday off work. I was going to go even though I had the one 'rest' day for the rabbits but last week my Vet found that Willow has a galloping heart and advised me against it so I'm not going.
I have no friends where I currently live and don't trust anyone to look after them, as Willow as Ecuniculi problems too. I'd rather have them with me but with only a day inbetween it's not fair on them.

I'd have gone for it if Willow was OK. As long as you stop and check them, offer something you know they love to eat and water, have thick newspaper and plenty of hay to snuggle in/munch if they want too, I also cover the box with some material and make sure the car temperature is cool; then they should be OK.

It'll be Christmas now that I next get back to see my family.

18-10-2010, 10:17 PM
We travel regularly with Basil. Since he had EC I don't want to leave him with anyone. We travel around 150 miles each way and usually stop half way to see if Basil will have something to eat or drink. He will eat when we stop, but not while the car is moving. As soon as we get there we settle him in and feed him and he is fine. He's always quiet on the journey, but snug and safe in his carrier. I don't think he seems any the worse for his journeys and seems to positively enjoy exploring his new home while he's there. The first journey is always the scariest, but now we're all getting used to it and we love taking him everywhere with us.:)

19-10-2010, 09:39 AM
Thank you every one! I think I am going to try it. Would be worrying too much if I had a sitter or they went into boarding.

Will just make sure they're snug in the carrier and stop half way at the services to see if they're interested in some food.

Now to warn my mum haha! They will be spoilt rotten while they're there anyway, my mum has a HUGE vege patch and a very nice greengrocers just down the hill.

susie bun
19-10-2010, 10:04 AM
Thank you every one! I think I am going to try it. Would be worrying too much if I had a sitter or they went into boarding.

Will just make sure they're snug in the carrier and stop half way at the services to see if they're interested in some food.

Now to warn my mum haha! They will be spoilt rotten while they're there anyway, my mum has a HUGE vege patch and a very nice greengrocers just down the hill.

Sounds like the buns will thoroughly enjoy their holiday - not sure about your Mum though! ;):lol: