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08-09-2010, 08:14 PM
Hi All,

Its been a while since I last posted.

I was after help regarding my new Bun Douglas and Bonding.

Bonding him and Poppy has been so much harder than I first thought!

But now its been almost 4 weeks since we got him, and they are grooming, and laying next to each other :D

We still have the occasional nipping, or chasing. But nothing violent (Theres no way id let that happen)

They are both now in the same room, and in seperate cages, until he is officially neuted. Then a week or 2 after hes been done, I shall try and get the one cage sorted out for them both.

Weve recently had an amazing cage hand built, specifically for our room, which did cost a fortune, but Im sooo happy with it, it doesnt look like a cage, just like a huge piece of furniture :)

My only issue now is he has unfort stated to spray! Little ****** :)

Does anyone have any idea how to rid the smell? Or prevent this (to the best of their ablility)

He is now 12-13 weeks old. What age can he be neuted?

08-09-2010, 08:20 PM
I have a plug in wall air freshner inside of my kitchen, and spray oust when the landladies coming :oops:
If he is over 1kg I'm sure he can get the snip now. As his furry tea bags are probably developed, hence the spraying.