View Full Version : Spaying a rabbit with deformity? & other questions about the operation for my 3 does.

05-08-2010, 08:39 PM
Hi all,

I'm just wondering if i need to prepare for anything additional to help ava once she has her spay. She has deformed back legs and i'm worried that she has more of a risk being spayed. Is this the case? Is there anything additional i need to be aware of. Ava, Athena and Rose are all in top health other than Ava's legs. Is this likely to be a normal procedure or should i worry anymore.

I've never had a female spayed- what do i need to ask the vets? Do they definately need painkillers- my boys didn't get any except whilst at the practice. Do i need to take any home?

Are they likely to hurt each other if they are kept together throughout the spay and on recovery?

Do they need any kind of collars?

What is the best safe setup for them so they don't injure themselve pull out stiches- do i need to stay up the first night, make sure there are no issues?

How big a space do they need to be in when they get back to my house.

How long do i keep them in for? They are outdoor buns and have never been inside, so it will be more a shock to the system being indoors- new sounds etc.

Ambience xx

06-08-2010, 10:42 AM
I've no experience re the splayed legs so not sure on that one.

If they are outdoor buns you only need to keep them in for the first 24hrs or so.

If they are already bonded they will be fine recovering together and can comfort each other. However this makes it very difficult to check who is/isn't eating/pooping so if you can maybe three seperate areas next to each other so they can see/smell/touch each other just until you know all three are ok.

Mine have never had stitches, they were glued. However you should still montitor that they don't over groom and agravate the wound. Personally i don't like collars on buns as they are grazers and it restricts feeding. Someone on here made a suit out of an old baby grow to prevent a bun getting to the wound and I thought this was a brilliant alternative. Perhaps search for the thread.

My old vets only gave additional pain relief for at home if necessary - they all had a follow up the following day so could reassess this then. My new vets routinely prescribe oral metacam post spay which I think is better as the females do seem to take longer to bounce back than the males.

Once they go back outside I only allow my females supervised exercise for the first week so I can make sure they aren't going to mad jumping about and putting a strain on the wound.

08-08-2010, 01:51 AM
Thanks Amy, i appreciate all your help with this. I hear about bunnys pulling there intestines out- dread the thought. I wonder if i could make something out of a tea towel or something like that- i'm not very creative- it would just be a wrap to keep the wound safe. I think i may keep them in all week just to be on the safe side then let them back out- they are out in a run pretty much 24/7 so i wouldn' t want to risk them hurting themselves.

Ambience xx