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17-07-2010, 06:54 PM
(Sorry for the long post....:oops:)
:? A friend of my mum's has 'just' has found out that we've been looking into rescuing a rabbit. I don't know whether it is due to her being a breeder (I don't know if she is one or not...) or if it was an accidental litter:evil:, but anyway, she has two lop bunnies looking for homes, and she said if we don't take them she doesn't know what to do with them as no one else wants them... poor buns:(
My mum and I went to see them today and they are lovely I have to admit:love: They're both male, one is a broken white/orangey colour, the other a kind of brown/light brown stripey pattern... gorgeous:love:
However, the things that stopped me whisking them away from her there and then was that for one, she didn't seem exact on how old they were ("oh, about eight to ten weeks now" she said:shock:) and she doesn't know, or she just won't say(??) what type of lop they were. I have got a feeling that they were dwarfs, but they were so small I couldn't tell and I don't know much about breeds anyway, just that we were looking for a mini lop, having heard good things about them.
I feel like i'm in an awkward position... if I don't take them in, instead of getting a rescue rabbit, i'm seriously worried what will happen to them. But if I do take them, what if they turn out to be dwarf lops? My dad's building a hutch and run based around the RSPCA guidelines...but will that be big enough for dwarfs, we had designed it for mini lops because that's what we thought we were getting...:?
I wonder if anyone can help me... is there anyway of telling what type of lop they are? I do know it shouldn't really matter but I would like to know what i'm getting myself in for if I accept them... and what should I expect from a dwarf lop? Any help?
I've got to make my mind up fast, she said we've got to take them this weekend if we want them. *panics*:cry::cry: I suppose it could still be called rescuing, couldn't it? They might end up in a rescue anyway (actually i've got a feeling that that's the nicest thing that might happen to them...maybe i'm just paranoid:shock::cry::cry:).

Thanks, honestly...anything anyone can say to help is apprieciated ...:wave:

17-07-2010, 07:03 PM
I would say that regardless of how they came to be where they are, they still deserve a good home.

So long as you're not paying for them - as that would just perpetuate the problem if she is breeding.

I would wait for someone more knowledgeable than me to tell you what you can expect from two bucks though when they reach maturity.

If they're very small, she probably knows they're too young to be leaving their Mum and that's why she's being vague

17-07-2010, 07:08 PM
Apart from size, there is no difference between a dwarf lop and a mini lop :? What size hutch is your dad making? It would need to be 6x2x2 regardless of mini/dwarf lop :)

Did the lady have any other bunnies there?

ETA: just realsied its 2 bucks - to be honest i wouldnt even consider having 2 bucks, they could potentially fight once they hit maturity (12+ weeks) unless you are able to seperate them and then rebond them? xx

BB Mommy
17-07-2010, 08:28 PM
If they are litter mates then bonding is possible, but if they're from different litters then personally I wouldn't choose to put two males together.
Whilst it can work, and I know lots that have, if it fails you have two single rabbits .

Mini lops can vary in size - I have Midge who is a tiny mini lop, and her two daughters who are sizeable buns, so its really difficult to comment on their heritage.

17-07-2010, 08:31 PM
I don't see how she can be manipulative enough on the one hand to say that if you don't take them she doesn't know what will happen to them, and on the other hand insist that they are picked up this weekend :roll:

It does put you in a difficult position - personally I wouldn't, because (a) they are two boys and there is a huge risk that they will fall out, and (b) if it massively inconveniences her to have to keep them and sort them out, well good...maybe she won't breed so many in future if she can't shift them easily enough! I know that's very easy to say and not so easy to do though.

Dwarf lops are bigger than mini lops, they are very boisterous, nosey and naughty and will need at least 6*2*2 with a big run. I have two - they are bags of fun :)

Crystal butterfly
17-07-2010, 09:07 PM
indeed every rabbit deserves a decent home although i doubt if you do take them she will do something horrible to them infact she will just rehome them to someone else instead.

with them being 2 boys if you get them i strongly recommend finding a decent vet who will neuter the second there ahems appear which is normally around 12 weeks old this way they wont fight however one of my rabbits babies hit maturity at 10 weeks old and pestered his brother by humping him constantly! so id have a back up hutch to incase they do fight as you would have to seperate them asap before they injure each other

also the way im picking it up she seems abit dumb about the rabbits which means she may be making up their sex aswell so they may indeed end up being brother and sister which = babies, babies which could be deformed or have life long health problems which would make them unrehomable meaning you'd go from 2 rabbits to possibly 10 over night :?

in the end of the day hun it is your decision and whatever you decide to do you will get advice and guidance on what to do :) i know you'll make the right decision hun whether its getting them or not likes already been said all rabbits deserve good homes just be prepared for the things that could occur :)

18-07-2010, 04:29 PM
Hi :wave: Thank you all for your replies, it really helped. After a lot of thought, I decided not to get the buns... I'm disappointed but I think it was the right decision. I'm going to aim on finding a girl and a boy, which was what I wanted originally... I'm sure the lady will find someone to take them who will (I hope) give them as good a home as I would have tried to give them...:(
Again, thanks=] xxx

18-07-2010, 09:31 PM
hya hope im allowed say but on preloved theres a neutered bonded pair of mini lops.lovely buns:D