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05-05-2010, 11:14 AM
I have a happy, healthy bunny!

Took Homer for his myxi jab this morning and saw a different vet to the one we normally see. He gave Homer a check over, ask me about his feeding arrangements etc, so I told him, small scoop of pellets in the morning, grass during the day, veg of an evening and unlimited hay, and Vet said it made a change to see a healthy, happy rabbit. He sees so many overweight, floppy rabbits fed on standard pet shop mix, and not much else, and then went into a general whinge about certain bunny owners. Didn't understand why people get them to plonk them in a small hutch at the end of the garden, etc.

And I think he took a shine to Homer, saying what a lovely little chap he was.

So, anyway, main point to this is.... THANK YOU to all on here, for helping me make my bunny happy!

05-05-2010, 12:07 PM
Ah that's nice isn't it :D yes i bet vets get really p'd off with seeing (sometimes probably unintentional) not properly cared for animals. I think it should be the law that anyone wanting to sell animals of any description whether it be rabbits, fish, cats or anything should have to have undergone a recognised training course in how to care for them and that the information learned must be passed on in full to any prospective new owners - even basic stuff like not giving them unlimited nuggets and the importance of hay and being better in pairs etc Only this week we were in pets at home and overheard a woman complaining all her tropical fish (that need nice warm tropical style water, which would have been fairly obvious i would have thought) she'd bought the week before had all died and the guy asked what tank she had and she had a coldwater tank for goldfish! Anyway I digress, glad you've found some good advice off here and have a healthy happy bunny :D

Blackberry & Co
05-05-2010, 12:10 PM
Have to admit that being on here has helped me enormously with getting the diet right for my fellas, and my vet does 'coo' over my boys when they go for their jabs etc because she thinks they are so healthy!:D